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You can now buy Warhammer 40k stickers for your Counter-Strike guns


In the grim darkness of the near future, there is only De_dust2. But look further ahead and- oh! There it is! Only war. Now look back to the present and find the two have come together in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, with new Warhammer 40,000 stickers now sold to slap on your virtual guns. CS's stickers have always been a bit 'teenager bunkbed' so frankly I can't think of a better match. It's only weird that AK-47's haven't had "WAAAGH!" stickers all along.

The stickers are not subtle. A Repulsor tank helpfully labelled "TANK". An Ultramarine with the slogan "THERE IS ONLY WAR". A Chaos Marine shouting "LET THE GALAXY BURN." That sorta thing. Ideal for your bunkbed's headboard. Look, I'm being sarky but of course I wish I'd got the "Only the Faithful" Adepta Sororitas sticker or the Ordo Hereticus patch. Here's the lineup:

Is it just me, or does depicting the God-Emperor of mankind as a skeleton smack of... heresy?

Launched last night, CS:GO's WH40K stickers are sold in 'capsule' loot boxes. Pay 79p and you'll get a random sticker from the collection, with the foil and holo ones naturally being more rare. Then you can slap your one sticker on one gun, picking from a few different spots and scratching it up if you want. Yup, still feels expensive for irritating random guff. I paid 79p of my own money to further ruin a perfectly good Five-Seven:

40K cosmetics are apparently en vouge. World Of Warships is adding 40k ships in June.

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