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You can play Rainbow Six Siege free this weekend

Queue up starting tomorrow

This weekend you can breach walls without also blowing a hole in your wallet. Ubisoft's multiplayer shooter Rainbow Six Siege is having a free-to-play weekend where you'll be able to take a spin on all its maps and modes. Pre-loading has already started, so you can queue up a download right now if you're looking to hop in on the free weekend starting Thursday.

It's a decent time to jump into R6 Siege if you'd ever given it a thought. Just recently, Ubisoft laid out plans for the next two years of updates to Rainbow Six Siege. They've got plans to rework various maps, continue adding new playable operators to the game, and adjust core game systems. In particular, I've heard down yon grapevine that they've taken a page out of Apex Legends' ping system and are planning a "Ping 2.0" for R6 Siege that will let players call out enemy gadgets to one another without voice communication.

If that's all still gibberish to you, Ubisoft have an introductory trailer below that explains the basics of R6 Siege before you jump in for free this weekend. Operators are your playable characters each with their own abilities. You're separated into teams and take turns attacking and defending with an overarching round objective. There be guns. There be meta strats. You know how it goes.

The free weekend is a whole four days, starting tomorrow, March 5th through March 8th. PC players can begin downloading now before the weekend starts, but only on Ubisoft's Uplay launcher. You can also play on Steam and Epic this weekend but it doesn't appear you can download the game 'till tomorrow through those launchers. For more details on the free weekend, head over to Ubisoft's site.

They're also discounting the game itself over the weekend if you try it and like it. You can grab Rainbow Six Siege for 67% off on Steam right now, which comes out to £8.57/€9.89/$9.89. Have fun and mind where you place your explosives, folks.

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