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You Dancing? Crypt Of The NecroDancer Pre-Order Trailer

You might think that Crypt Of The NecroDancer is being cute by combining a dance floor with a dungeon. That it's one of those mash-ups that people seem to like nowadays. That they're taking one thing and another thing and making a rhythm-action roguelike with it. You're so wrong it hurts. Turning a dance floor into a dungeon, making the player move through the throng to the beat of the music as they fight for their life, pretty much describes 99% of clubs I've found myself in. All that's different are the clothes and the fact that the weapons aren't hidden. Why yes, I did grow up in Glasgow. Why do you ask?

This looks interesting. You move your character to to the beat of your pulse, which is tied to the thump of the music. Each step you take has to be on the beat or you won't be able to move, and you need to combo your attacks to carry the groove on. The game supports playing your own music collection, so you could already be an expert at this without ever having played it. Just select the correct song, one you know every note of, and you're 90% of the way there. As Nathan pointed out, the best bit that I won't be using is the DDR dancepad support.

So it's super-cute and you have a pile of legally acquired MP3s? Early access should be coming pretty soon.

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