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Zelda-ish adventure platformer Rime now coming to PC

It's about Rime

The boy adventurer of sunny platformer Rime [official site] will be coming to PC this year, says a new trailer. The very blue skies and also-very-blue seas were first revealed at Gamescom in 2013, whereupon we exhaled a sigh of sad exhaustion at the big sign plastered over it saying “PlayStation exclusive”. But following some rights wrangling last year, developer Tequila Works will be bringing it to us as well. We know because they have pooped out a new trailer with the Steam logo on it. It’s down here.

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You’ve been shipwrecked on this strange island see, after a tempest, and you’ve got to puzzle it all out in a world “ strewn with rugged terrain, wild creatures and the crumbling ruins of a long-forgotten civilization”. Day and night will be an important cycle, say the devs, as the bad things come out in the dark. It looks a bit Ico, and a bit Wind Waker-ish, although there seems to be less sailing of the gorgeous ocean and more puzzling on the island amid plaster-white Grecian ruins.

The Zelda vibe is something Tequila Works seem to like. One of their other games scheduled this year is The Sexy Brutale, an adventure in which you play a priest in a weird casino, reliving the same day over and over, Majora’s Mask style, as you struggle to save a bunch of murder victims from meeting their fate. OK!

As for the release date of Rime itself, we're told it will launch "this May on the PlayStation 4 computer entertainment system, as well as three new platforms: Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Windows PC" which is worded in a slightly confusing way - is it coming out on every platform in May, or only PS4 with others coming a little later? Whatever the exact date, we know its going to be "Spring". So, there you go.

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