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12 Is Better Than 6 Hits Kickstarter Goal (Updated)

Hotline Cowboy

Update: So, it did hit its Kickstarter goal with days to spare, and now a bunch of people have pulled their funding and so it's back under its target again. Huh! That's odd.

Original story:

12 Is Better Than 6 [official site] is a beautifully hand-drawn, gun-toting, poncho-sporting undertaking into what seems like the perpetually acrimonious world of the wicky-wicky-Wild West.

Although grossly different visually, its top-down, blood-fest aesthetic might remind you of Hotline Miami, and the fact that it takes place in 1873 might remind you of Rock, Paper, Shotgun. Needless to say, we'd win hands-down in a shootout, but I suppose 12 Is Better Than 6 deserves some credit for its recent Kickstarter success.

When Adam first rode into town earlier this year, he commended the shooting segments of 12 Is Better Than 6, whilst he bemoaned its stealth for being a bit tedious. Having spent a while in the demo myself, I feel the same - the game shines with its finger on the trigger.

Over the course of the game's Kickstarter campaign, however, developer Ink Stains Games added free level demos as updates which appear to have recognised this, focussing more on the action elements of play. They work much better.

Speaking to the Kickstarter success, Anton Grischenko, the lead programmer at developer Ink Stains Games, had this to say: "With 12 is Better Than 6 now funded, it means that our life long dream will now become a reality and we can share our love of classical western movies and action games with the world!"

He then spoke about enjoying a vodka shot or two in celebration, which seems like more of a punishment to me but each to their own.

If, like me, you've been stuck wondering what 12 Is Better Than 6 actually means, it's this:

To be judged by 12 means that you get to go to court, where you’ll be judged by a jury of 12 people who will ultimately decide upon your fate.

To be carried by 6 is to be dead. Why? You see, it is common for 6 people to carry a coffin (3 people on each side) to and from the hearse.

Our hero would rather kill someone and go to jail for it than be killed and have to be buried.

That's what it says on the game's website anyway, which also houses this gameplay trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

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