The RPS Bargain Bucket: Bad Jokes Hills

This has been a long, strange week for me. On the bright side, it’s the weekend and I might finally get the opportunity to watch the Lego Movie before it sneaks out of the theatres. Also, I made a burger with kim chi and sweet chilli cream cheese. I’m not sure if I recommend it. While I try to discreetly nibble on my Pan-Asian disaster(?), why not check out some pretty neat games for some low prices? Do it now, before Bucket Head gets you. (The inside of this bucket smells old soapy water.)

The Humble Indie Bundle 11
Beat the $4.54/£2.73/€3.30 average to unlock a horde of stuff.
I really like this particular indie bundle but that’s not saying terribly much. Any package that includes Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine generally engineers slightly giddy approval from me. It helps, of course, that this Humble Indie Bundle ships with a mess of other great games as well. Gaucamelee? Great fun, and pitch-perfect use of goats. Dust: An Elysian Tail? Surprisingly absorbing. Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams? Never played it, but I heard it’s great. The Swapper? Moody, menacing and a mental exercise. Antichamber? It’d make your brain hurt. In excellent ways.

Go get ’em, people.

Rockstar Bundle
I can’t shake the feeling that Rockstar Bundles keep popping up every other week. It could just be my imagination. Is it my imagination? My caffeine-deficit mind can’t decide. Either way, this Rockstar Bundle includes a variety of varyingly excellent games: Bully Scholarship, Max Payne, Max Payne 2, Max Payne 3, the Max Payne Rockstar Pass and the LA Noire Complete. Also included: Midnight Club 2 and Manhunt. I’m eyeballing those two with some amount of suspicion. What do you think of those games, RPS Hive Mind? (20% Discount code for when you spend $10 or more is potentially valid here too: OQE4LG-WEQPSE-SMCME1)

Get Games: Get Loaded
$30/£18.02/€21.83 for 5
So, this is is one of those “build your own bundle” deals and it actually looks kind of neat. There’s Far Cry 3, a handful of Assassin’s Creed games and the eerie, flawed I Am Alive. If you’re less keen on the “pew pew” and more inclined towards everything else, you might be happy to note that this bundle includes stuff like Rayman Origins, The Settlers 7 and From Dust. Pricing is broken down into three tiers: 3 games for $23, 4 games for $28 and 5 games for $30. Is it worth it? Maybe. Ubisoft discounts are all the rage this weekend. Steam, for example, has a load of Ubisoft titles for sale.

P.S: It appears as though this offer is not available in the United States or America or Canada. Maybe? Be prepared to get crafty, Yanks.

Metro 2033

I have to stop purchasing games that scare me so much, I never actually finish them. Metro 2033 is a post-apocalyptic shooter crammed into a subterranean world of death, dark corners and more death. Have I mentioned the dark corners? Because those abound. Metro 2033 isn’t without its flaws; the game keeps on a straight road and the A.I is rather fiddly. Nonetheless, the sense of atmosphere is rather excellent and the world, for all its inadequacies, is one that invites curiosity. This recommendation has absolutely nothing to do with the fact I’d like some other people to be freaked out too, I swear. Ahem.

Also of note:

The Humble Weekly Sale – Pay more than $6/£3.60/€4.37 to get at the cool stuff.
This is a bit of a funny one. To be blunt, I’m not a fan of any of the games in the “pay what you want” category. But the stuff barricaded behind that $6 sign? I like ’em. I like ’em quite a bit, in fact. The Book of Unwritten Tales franchise is something I well love. And Deponia isn’t too shabby either. Even considering the political fiasco of the last installment. Anyway.

Kingdoms of Amalur + DlC Bundle – $9.99/£6.00/€7.27
Editorial overlord John Walker had a number of good things to say about Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. Read ’em and decide if you want to capitalize on that 75% sales.

The NSFW Work Bundle – Beat the $11.82/£7.10/€8.60 average for a a variety of stuff No, really. This really isn’t safe for work. Words like “Vampire Hookers” and “Seduce Me” abound. Created to help promote “healthy sexual knowledge, education and public health”, the bundle features everything from graphic novels to Japanese eroge. Proceed with caution.

Reboot 1.0 – $2.40/£1.44/€ 1.74 For the gamer who wants it all. Bundle Stars’ Reboot 1.0 collection covers an eclectic panoply of titles, including Spacechem and Dino D-Say.


  1. melnificent says:

    NSFW, is there any other acronym that gets people to click a link so readily.

  2. golem09 says:

    That get games: get loaded bundle is pretty ridiculous. Old games for a high price. Who doesn’t want to buy Rayman ORIGINS for 7€?

    • Gap Gen says:

      Opinions vary, but I far preferred Legends (plus most of the Origins levels seem to be unlockables inside Legends)

      • golem09 says:

        I’m not talking about playing, just about buying games. Origins is old, and not something you put into a 22€ bundle.

    • Moraven says:

      After playing Legends and not Origins, I will not go back and play Origins. Legends does have some Origins levels that you unlock but I disliked them so far compared to Legends. It also does not help going through every Legends level and then starting on basic Origin levels.

  3. AngelTear says:

    I feel that, depending on the quality of those works, the NSFW bundle could go from “cheap excuse to give you some pornography” to a genuinely interesting thing about subjects and experiences that are seldom explored in a worthy manner.

    From the descriptions, Vampire Hookers sounds a bit like the former kind, but Labour of Love and Cabaret Desire look mildly promising.

    As for Metro 2033, I finished it last week. I felt like it was trying to do all the right things that FPS don’t normally do, (giving depth to characters, nice atmosphere, some exploration) but for the most part it failed, at least for me. I didn’t quite empathise with anyone or anything, and the monster/mutant thing was a bit too obscure for my liking. Still, the best part about it is, without a doubt, the world building, especially the sections in the stations, among civilian population.

    • fuggles says:

      I’m guessing you got the bad ending.

      • AngelTear says:

        I did (I did all the right choices, but apparently I still lost some moral points here and there, possibly in those visions), then I went to youtube to see the good ending, but the last cutscene of a game can’t justify the preceding 10 hours. The final 30 minutes of the game were pretty well done, but the mutants… you hear about them at the very beginning, then you forget about them for 8 hours, and then suddenly they’re all important again, and there’s no balance.

        It’s cool that it reflects the fact that “the only reason why they’re evil is that they’re attacking you”, and that it should get you thinking about FPS plots and if you manage to overcome that thought you get the good ending and you’ve basically deconstructed 90% of all FPS, it’s a very good idea, it just didn’t work for me in its execution.

        It may just be that the emotional impact was lost on me because I hated most of the shooting sections, and I simply kept dragging on in order to see the next bit of story, and because everyone praised it so highly in terms of narrative; and it is deserving of that praise for an FPS, but that is a very significant limitation.

        I enjoyed Bioshock 1 a lot more.

        • malkav11 says:

          I would recommend reading the book.

        • CantankerousDave says:

          I finished the game out of spite the first time. I felt like it was deliberately designed to piss me off. But then I figured I would give it another try, but used different weapons. It was soooooo much more fun playing as a sneaky bastard with an electromagnetic BB spitter of doom. I loved that gun almost as much as the Vintar BC in the first STALKER game. I even read the book afterwards.

          But yeah, A+ for the world, C+ for gameplay. And a “See me after class” for that freaking “run through the maze” hallucination near the end where you have to die multiple times to work out the route. Sheesh. I hated that. And for not letting me wander around Polis, the bastards.

    • MaXimillion says:

      Seduce Me is definitely a “cheap excuse to give you some pornography”, and the porn is quite cheap as well.

      My Girlfriend is the President has a story that ranks at least medium on the eroge-weirdness scale, in other words rather weird if you’re not into Japanese stuff. I’ve no recollection of the porn in that, so it was probably rather standard and forgettable.

      Haven’t played any of the others, and they look way too pretentious for my tastes.

  4. Gap Gen says:

    Nice to see that instead of going with the fashion trend, you have decided to bucket.

    • Prolar Bear says:

      Or maybe she just got a bargain.

      PS: I’ve submitted my bucket plushie some time ago but got no reply :C

    • Woodwork says:

      I went quite pail when I saw the picture.

    • Sleepymatt says:

      I thought in the ‘enlightened’ west we are meant to disapprove of women having to wear the Burkhet?

  5. LTK says:

    I’d also like to point out you can get the original Waves for one pound if you back the Waves: Arena Tactics Kickstarter. I highly recommend it.

  6. CookPassBabtridge says:


    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      I had a really silly idea I wanted to express this week. D: Your weekly dose of plushies shall continue next week.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        It was quite a cute bucket I suppose. If we can’t have Horace plushies, I will campaign for Hubert the Bucket… erm, buckets.

        EDIT: Now I am on a PC rather than my phone, I can see that bucket appears to be atop some kind of human. I didn’t notice that before.

        • Cassandra Khaw says:

          That’s .. that’s me under there. The cat-ear thing’s one of the many animal-eared hoodies I own >_>

          • YogSo says:

            That’s .. that’s me under there.

            “Monsters? Is that what they look like to you?”
            (or something along these lines, I’m in a hurry and can’t look for the exact quote now :P)

    • Noburu says:

      Yes I agree, while enjoyable and entertaining, teh plooshees were missed.

    • TWChristine says:

      I think we should have an RPS meme along the same vein as that olympic one called CookPassBabtridge Is Not Amused. And then we can use it whenever something is rather unsavory. I dunno, it sounded like a good idea in my head..

      • lowprices says:

        CookPassBabtrige Is Not Amused By Your Attempts At Meme Creation.

      • Gap Gen says:

        I can’t be bothered to paste their gravatar onto a picture of queen Victoria, but good idea.

      • CookPassBabtridge says:

        Along with the power to sentence anyone who incurs my wrath to an eternity of hard labour in the Horace Infinite plushie factory? Yes, motion passed.

        Anyone caught snorfing the infinite plushie for light relief (potentially introducing a patch of bogey) will be forced to copy out metacritic user reviews for a week.

  7. HadToLogin says:

    Gamefly has nice bundle: link to 3 games for £8(not sure about US version), with ability to add 2 more, each for additional £2
    Bad news for most of us is that it’s Mac bundle.
    Good news is that few of them are in Steamplay, so you can get mac version and play it on PC.
    So you can get Bioshock Infinite plus first Episode of Rapture-DLC and Borderlands 2 for £8. Or Civlization 5 Brave New World.
    There COULD be some additional voucher to cut price even more.

  8. Commander Gun says:

    I was very pleasantly surprised with Dust: An Elysian Tail. The Humble Bundle is a steal if it was only this game. Haven’t tried the other game (too absorbed with Dust), but this bundle is the nuts!

    • Cassandra Khaw says:

      I’ll be honest. First thought I had when I fired it up ages ago was, “FURRIES. U____U” Then I ended up finishing the game and loved every second. amazing it’s the work of one guy.

      Monaco is brilliant, honestly. I gave it a 90 on PCG ages ago. Guacamelee made me finish it in spite of the fact I am terrible at platformers.

      • RegisteredUser says:

        I bought Monaco on a 50% off sale a year ago-ish due to _everyone_ hyping it like mad, including RPS.

        It was a horrible, horrible letdown of bad gfx style(to me) and being totally not what I expected in the gameplay department(basically hyped to be the second coming..and then wasn’t).
        If there ever was a game that you should demo / try before you buy, this was one of them.

        • Cassandra Khaw says:

          To each their own? I personally loved it to no end, but I also had great co-op partners to power through it. I actually found its visual style very informative, though many people said it was just a flood of unnecessary sensory overload.

        • Gap Gen says:

          I suspect Monaco is the kind of thing that’s better in co-op, which is a truism, but as a system it’s too orderly with one player, even if you can do it all on your lonesome. Four people cause a chain reaction of guards running around, and give more scope for teamwork, which seems important.

        • Tams80 says:

          It’s much better played multiplayer. Still I found it delivered what it promised. The only way I can see someone seeing differently is if they saw some old footage (it was quite different to begin with).

      • The Random One says:

        Furries? Truly people have forgotten the face of Duck Tales.

    • Vandelay says:

      I’ve given each of the games at least a quick go, so here is my break down.

      Monaco – Only played the first 3 or so levels in single player. It seems incredibly easy to rush through each of the levels, even when playing stealthly. I recall at the time of release people saying that it was very much a make your own fun type of game, in which you had to mix and match different character abilities not for the optimal synergy but for the optimal lulz, so it might be something that is good in co-op with the right people. I don’t see it working so well as a single player game, but I will likely give it a few more levels to get going. I definitely like the feel and style of the game.

      Gaucamelee – Nice little game. The combat feels well implemented and headbutting rocks to open up new routes is satisfying. The style is good and the setting is quite unique for a game. There are a few platforming bits that some might not appreciate, but I’ve enjoyed the variety it offers. Will definitely be one I intend to play to the end.

      Giana: Twisted Sisters – Only played the first level and a little of the second of this. It seemed okay, but nothing that couldn’t be had elsewhere. Personally, I prefer a platformer with a bit more speed to it, but this seemed fine. The shifting between two worlds mechanic might offer some variety later down the line, but didn’t really show very much to it at the start. I would think this would be the weakest of the games in the bundle for most people and will be the one I probably won’t be playing much of.

      Dust – Only very briefly played this and only really enough to judge the art style. Probably not everybody’s copy of tea, but it looks beautifully well crafted. The pop ups of characters talking look like they have been lifted straight from a cartoon. I have a feeling I will like this one and I will probably be focusing on it once I have finished another of the games, which I will come to in a little bit.

      The Swapper – And I will come to it now. Really, really, love this one. The puzzles are pitched just right, offering initial confusion followed by that eureka moment a minute or two later. The art style is absolutely gorgeous, creating a perfect foreboding atmosphere to go with its dark sci-fi tale. There are so few true sci-fi games out there, but this one nails it perfectly. This is the game that really grabbed me from the bundle and I will be playing right to completion before moving onto anything else.

      Antichamber – I had actually previously played this one before. Nice little game, but it does lose some of the zing after the first couple of hours. Those first couple of hours are a revelation in puzzle gaming though. Probably best to go into it without knowing what to expect, as figuring out the mechanics are all part of the puzzle.

      Really great bundle and, unusually, a bundle where I don’t actually own most of the games already. Looking forward to finding out what they add to this bundle next.

      • malkav11 says:

        The early levels of Monaco are very easy. There are a lot more twists and tricks employed as you go on. Also, it’s probably going to be a lot easier to just complete the level than it is to completely clear it of gold, which unlocks remixed versions of the levels that reflect a different character’s version of the story and are significantly more challenging.

    • thecommoncold says:

      The standout surprise for me on this bundle is Guacamelee. Every time I play it, I get this big stupid grin on my face that sticks for about 30 minutes after I’ve quit – it’s one of those games that is just crazy fun. I was pleasantly surprised by Dust as well (it’s got a nice “hack-and-slash through the cartoons of my childhood” kind of vibe), but it doesn’t feel as mechanically precise as Guacamelee, which makes the platforming sections less satisfying.

      The rest of the bundle is pretty delicious too. Really pleased with this one.

  9. otyugh says:

    On the Humble Indie Bundle 11, when I bought it a couple of days ago and ‘beat the average,’ I paid $4.05 or something like that and therefore got the extra games. Does this mean that when they add the additional games later, I’ll have to up my pledge to the higher ‘average’ that will exist then? Or is the initial ‘beat the average’ payment sufficient? I’ve never been able to figure that out.

    • Vandelay says:

      As it says on the page, “More games coming soon! Pay more than the average of $4.55 to unlock them when they arrive!” That indicates you will get the games if you spend more than the average at whatever time you buy the bundle.

      Honestly, anyone not paying the average or more for this lot are taking the pissing.

    • RegisteredUser says:

      As Vandela says, beating the average once means you auto-unlock all BTA games later, too.

    • MkMax says:

      as long as you paid the average when you bought it you are golden (if you have access to monaco and antichamber you did), just check the bundle link again when the time counter drops under 7 days

      • otyugh says:

        Thanks to the three of you for clarifying this! OK, so the key phrase is: spend more than the average *at the time you bought the bundle*. I just have to beat the average once, and that freezes your status in place, so that you don’t have to subsequently up your amount to get the extra games.

        Too bad I can’t even get Antichamber to run on my Win 7 64-bit machine. I’ve tried all the fixes posted at Reddit (referred to at the Steam forums). I can’t even get anything to happen when I run it.

  10. MkMax says:

    the reboot bundle is 2 bucks for the next hour, and it includes darkSector which imho is one of the best resident evil 4 successors (although the port is a bit wonky with the resolutions, there are guides to fix that in the community forum)

  11. CookPassBabtridge says:

    It has killed once. It will kill again. BURN IT WITH FIRE

    • Sleepymatt says:

      Don’t worry, it’s just a concept photo Valve are putting out there for HL3… Behold our head-bucket enemy! *swings crowbar*

  12. Gargenville says:

    Shoutout to Rockstar for constantly doing console ports that go out of their way to require a mouse/kb at some point. Who doesn’t love having to get up, futz with video settings, go register a pointless social account/copy protection scheme at their desk, futz video back to the TV, pray nothing kept the audio tied up so it actually transfers cleanly to HDMI audio for once, sit back down and find out it’s now 3 in the morning.

    Bonus points if the GOD DAMNED PS3 interacts with your audio system at any point because it’ll set the sample rate to 48KHz and leave it there and now you either have no sound for no apparent reason or games that immediately crash because they can’t initialize audio.

  13. Vandelay says:

    Can any of the games in the Humble Weekly Adventure Bundle be recommended? I hear good things about The Book of Unwritten Tales, but know nothing of the others.

    • Risingson says:

      – Aura is a graphically beautiful Myst clone that has graphics and not much else.
      – I liked Safecracker, which is short and fun. Though I prefer the original Safecracker.
      – Dark Fall 1 is great, a nearly direct adaptation of the second case of “Sapphire & Steel” that only loses some of its steam in the end.
      – Dark Fall 2 is larger, more ambitious, and not that great.
      – Edna&Harvey 1 is graphically poor but its sense of humor and puzzle design are really genius.
      – And The Book of Unwritten Tales is a pleasure of a game.

      • Vandelay says:

        Cheers. As the ones in the lot I was interested in seemed worthy of the price tag alone (The Raven and The Book of Unwritten Tales,) I decided to go for it. A couple of those you mention sound like they could be worth trying too.

        Always the strange thing with bundles, I probably would have bought it without thinking if it was just those two games I wanted, but the other ones made me re-consider.

        Pity it doesn’t have The Whispered World in it though.

      • Jalan says:

        That’s a nice summation of Aura. It borrows the static render quality present in Myst III, IV and V but the puzzles are far simpler and everything else is quite terrible. Plus, Aura is the first segment of a series but I’m doubtful of anyone who plays it honestly wanting to know what happens in the rest of the series.

  14. fish99 says:

    I gave in and pre-ordered Thief. It may not turn out to be a great Thief game, or a real Thief game at all, but at £14.99 (from Simply CD-Keys with 5OFFTHIEF code) it’s almost rude not to, so I’ll take a chance on it. Hopefully played non-lethal on a hard difficulty it’s a decent stealth game. It does at least look pretty.

  15. kalirion says:

    You can still get Bionic Dues for $1, in additional to a bunch of other stuff, from
    link to

    No tiers, $1 gets you:

    -Bionic Dues
    -Airship Dragoon
    -Syberia I & II
    -Steel & Steam
    -Telepath RPG: Servants of God

    plus an assortment of music, comics and ebooks. And the movie Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads starring Henry Lloyd-Hughes which will unlock in 270 sales (though they’re moving quite slow at this point).

    And then there’s the new link to bundle of games begging for Greenlight votes

    Each game is $0.25, 4 games minimum to purchase.
    -Paper Dungeons
    -Savage: The Shard of Gosen Alpha
    -Monster challenge Circus
    -Drive to Hell
    -Trace Vector
    -Heroes of a Broken Land
    -Spice Road
    -Magicians & Looters

    Bonus game (given regardless of which of titles are picked): Battlepaths

    • Vinraith says:

      Despite years of this kind of thing now, it still bothers me more than a little to see good developers like Arcen and Sinister literally begging for nickels.

      • Convolvulus says:

        “Begging for nickels” is a pretty shortsighted description.

  16. GunnerMcCaffrey says:

    Tomb Raider reboot Steam key’s 75% off at GameFly, which should put it around 5 of [appropriate currency]s for everyone.

    • Jalan says:

      No versions of it appear to be on sale that I can see. The cheapest ones are the older PS/PS2-era titles.

  17. Jalan says:

    Why would Kim Chi want a burger with sweet chilli cream cheese?

    (I tried (and pailed!) so hard to make a bad joke on this one but my initial idea involving the old game Mr. Bucket and its unintentionally hilarious commercial would’ve been construed as way too mean spirited)

  18. Wedge says:

    A couple places locally have made Kim Cheeseburgers as specials. I had one once and it was pretty good, but the cheese was most definitely not chili cream cheese.

  19. dudesaidwot says:

    Does anyone know if this version of Kingdoms of Amalur is region-locked on Steam? I don’t want to buy it and find that Australia is blocked from even installing the game.

    • AngoraFish says:

      I have Kingdoms of Amalur on Steam, purchased by proxy from Oz, no problems.

      See also link to ,although for what it’s worth I proxy all my games and have never had trouble. ( L4D2 uncensored version installs and plays fine, for example.)

  20. honeyk0924 says:

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  21. Whelp says:

    Crap. Just bought AssCreed 2 the other day for 10 euros…