It’s Time to Cut Loots With The Division 1.2 Update

Just when I thought betraying people in the Dark Zone was getting a tad boring, The Division [official site] gets a huge update that includes being able to cut the rope everyone attaches their loot to when extracting it. Oh sure, there’s a new Incursion, some pretty cool gear sets, and a bunch of smaller tweaks and fixes. But really, if you’re not cutting loot, you’re frankly not playing to your full potential.

Launched today, Update 1.2 (named ‘Conflict’) brings some sizeable chunks of content to the meatgrinder, and the big one is a new Incursion called Clear Sky (no, not that Clear Sky). Following up on the events of the first Incursion, your team of four is tasked with retaking an anti-aircraft site in Columbus Circle owned by the Rikers. If you’re not too familiar with The Division, Incursions are like the endgame raids and they drop some of the best loot you can find. Beating them, however, requires a coordinated and well-equipped team.

If buddying up just isn’t something you’re into, Conflict also introduces ‘high-value targets,’ which are made available after you clear a neighborhood of all side missions and encounters. From there, players can take on Search and Destroy missions to earn a new currency called Target Intel, which will reveal these the high-value targets within certain locations in a suburb. There’s six daily and four weekly high-value target missions, meaning they’ll cycle in and out repeatedly as time goes on.

New gear is also available, and this is something that has me the most interested thanks to the neat abilities tied to each set. For example, the new ‘Final Measure’ set gives you a ‘defuse buff’ that you use when in range of a hostile grenade, automatically defusing it and giving you one of your own to toss back. It’s a little like dodgeball only people die.

There’s lots of really granular changes too, which you can read about in the patch notes if you’re so inclined. All in all, this seems like a welcome update that should make grinding a bit more exciting until The Division’s first paid expansion arrives next month.


  1. bee says:

    Rope cutting: DO NOT WANT. I’m definitely done with Dark Zone until they change that.

    • epeternally says:

      I’m done with the game until they dramatically overhaul the Dark Zone for people who aren’t interested in 24/7 trolololol (aka > 90% of players). Massive missed the mark pretty hard, though in a way it’s more the players fault than their own. They signposted pretty well that, while you could attack other players, PvP was never in anyone’s best interest. People just refused to not do it and play the game as it was designed, exacerbated by the cheating problem, and now it’s a broken mess that everyone bought but no one is happy with. At least the single player was pretty fun. And don’t get me wrong, the DZ can be too… when you’re not getting griefed but after the first few days it became constant.

      • Wisq says:

        Honestly, everyone knew it was going the mainly-PvP route. I mean, what are you in the Dark Zone for? At worst, to deathmatch/gank people; at best, to get fancier loot. But what do you need fancier loot for? To get even fancier loot? At some point, all roads lead back to deathmatch/ganking.

        • Wisq says:

          … and before anyone objects “but that’s what I play it for, why are you calling those cases ‘worst’ and ‘best'” — those terms are purely from the point of view of someone who might not want to be constantly fighting with other players in the DZ, who might want it to be more of a team adventure.

          Ultimately, no matter how much the idealist you may be, at some point you have to admit that PvP is the endgame.

          • rpsm1a says:


            Everyone saw this coming. Even Massive. Why else would you get better gear if not to use it? You certainly don’t need 200+ GS to beat incursions or missions, and devs definitely knew that (it’s designed that way). So why? To compete against other gear sets, aka other players.

            The weird part is that PvP is based around the choice of either being a dick or being ganked by a dick, and frankly, lots of people dislike both choices (SURPRISE!). It’s why I stopped playing. It’s why they’re pushing out free DLCs to get people back– but they haven’t really learned the fundamental lesson yet, cause they keep doubling down on making it worse.

      • KDR_11k says:

        It seems they imagined the DZ as their take on DayZ but with so little at stake (for a well-geared player who doesn’t need the DZ loot anymore which is pretty early in the level 30 gear progression) the dynamics don’t work out. In DayZ you lose everything if you die so a well geared player has more to lose than a low geared player when entering PvP (also the loot you get is what the other player is using so a harmless opponent won’t give you much), in Division you only lose what you looted in this session and that doesn’t correlate to your equipment so a well equipped player won’t drop good loot while a badly equipped player (especially the ones who need loot the most) will drop the most loot despite being easiest to kill. And with the combat being so gear heavy that fights can be unwinnable if your assailant has enough of an advantage over you the risk for well geared players is even lower. In DayZ you still die if you get shot by a less geared player, in Division that’s not the case.

        Also the more people fight each other in the DZ the more mandatory grouping up becomes, which going by how many people I used to see solo in the DZ is something most people can’t be bothered with.

        That’s before we get into the discouraging nature of cheating caused by utterly naive programming.

        Unfortunately you’re practically forced into the DZ if you don’t want to repeatedly do the same missions because the open world outside the DZ caps at a difficulty that’s too easy once you get a bit of endgame gear (comparable to missions on Normal whereas the DZ ranges from Hard to Challenging, with a bit of endgame gear you can beat Hard missions solo without breaking a sweat).

        • KDR_11k says:

          Note: My information may be outdated, I haven’t touched Division since Battlefleet Gothic came out.

      • Tekrunner says:

        I have nearly 300h in game, and only 5 rogue kills, so I’ve done almost no PvP at all. I play solo about half of the time, with friends for the rest of it. I do occasionally get ganked, but it’s not that common, and certainly not constant. Same thing with cheaters, they were starting to get out of hand a month ago, but since then banwaves started going out and running into one is only very occasional (in my experience).

        This update also added a bunch of pve activities (new incursion, intel gathering and HVT) that drop good loot, so you can mostly stay away from the Dark Zone if it’s really not your thing.

  2. April March says:

    You have to cut the rope.

  3. Anti-Skub says:

    Just when I thought betraying people in the Dark Zone was getting a tad boring, The Division gets a huge update that includes being able to cut the rope..and it remains boring.

  4. Kabukiman74 says:

    The main question that remains for me is – have they finally started to address the rampant hackers/cheaters in the DZ? Last time I played you couldn’t enter without being steamrolled by people using speed-/wallhacks, aimbots, 1-shot-killhacks and whatever they might’ve been using.

    So, did they weed out the player base before adding another option for the jerks to piss the fair player base off? I mean – ropecutting could be a nice feature, DZ is supposed to be tense, but when you’re in a team of 4 extracting and 1 single hacker can run in, wipe your whole team in the blink of an eye and not even the stuff you managed to get on the rope will be save – that kills all motivation.

    • NephilimNexus says:

      But that what FPS games are, now, and it’s been that way for years. Maybe once upon a time they were about player skill, but today all modern FPS games are nothing more than a contest to see who has the better scripts. It’s a battle of aimbot instakill hacks versus invincible godmode hacks. Can your aimbot track a target through the walls that they’re walking through? Can you get your one million damage script to fire before their godmode script sets the damage to null?

      That is the real game now. Pathetic, mortal bluepills need not apply. And it’s the same everywhere.

      Oh and anti-hack programs? That’s just another level of challenge. An extra layer of padding for the leet kids to springboard off of.

      It’s almost enough to make me want to buy a console. Almost.

  5. Pulstar says:

    Not caring about a hyped-to-hell-and-back AAA game.. Is it wisdom, apathy, or a bit of both?

    • Kabukiman74 says:

      I’d say a simple matter of taste. I’m not tempted at all by Overwatch for example…

    • fish99 says:

      Not wisdom, because I had a bunch of fun with the game and none of the issues mentioned affected me since I did zero PVP. I bought and played it purely as a PVE game.

  6. Hunchback says:

    First payed expansion coming out next month, after what… 2 months the game has been out? They really couldn’t have included this in the vanilla game? Really?

    I am so sick of big studios nowadays, the whole “dlc” thing is getting beyond ridiculous with release-day dlcs and such absurdities.
    “Hey look, we are selling you 80% of the game for 50 bucks, now cough up 40 more to buy shit we decided to hold on onto and sell as dlc!” … Tnx but no tnx

    • ninjapirate says:

      I’ve resorted to considering this game in its “early access” stage; though it comes with a hefty entrance fee, if you want the DLCs that will progress it from its alpha/beta stage to the “full release” by the end of the year.
      Keeping that in mind, I’m completely content with it turning into an awesome game within a year of its release. D3 had a very rocky path ahead of it until it became the game that everyone praises today.

      I’d rather choose this type of thinking than being upset about having bought the season’s pass.

    • Tekrunner says:

      Game came out early march, the first expansion is unlikely to be out before late june (given how a major patch was just released). That’s nearly 4 months, which doesn’t seem shocking to me.

  7. Blackcompany says:

    Why not turn the open world into some sort of dynamic war zone with shifting fronts, control zones players can take and defend, and random events popping up? Why not going on patrol and keeping what you fought to take a major point of emphasis?

    Why this focus on PVP as end game in a PVE game? Is it because devs think people will stick around and play their game for forever while they are spared from making actual new content for it?

    The typical MMO is dead or dying. Figure it out already.

  8. The Great Wayne says:

    More negative interactions between players in and already cheat ridden PvP environment, what could possibly go wrong ?

    • Nauallis says:

      Keep in mind the game still has a playerbase on two consoles. As I understand it, only the PC is having the “cheat ridden environment.” I played it on Xbox. I don’t play any more because there’s nothing to do, not because of being turned off by cheating.

  9. THEDIVISONSucks says:

    OH, yay a more features no one cares about LOL! FeelsBadMan, when you spend $60 on a game you can’t play because your screen is flashing so much hey when you going fix that? Lets be real for a second this is just another TitanFall. LOL

    • HotdogEnchantress says:

      That’s not an issue with the game that’s a user error, update your drivers and such, so by using your logic, you suck.

  10. Misfit_Division says:

    Oh my god, rope cutting, such an awesome gameplay value. So now you have to find good loot (which is not that easy even with tons of gold & green most of them won’t fit your character playstyle), you have to extract it, and now you have to wait 2 mins for a full extraction and both defending your loot from AI + rogue !

    What a true balanced game ! Extracting was previously enough challenging without the cut rope and the deal from defending against AI opponents & real players. You don’t need to add more difficulty to it. Plus the rogue got the element of “surprise” or first shot, because you are supposed to wait until they shot first even if you know they’re gonna attack you.

    There should be 2 differents gameplay all along in the DZ. You enter the dark zone as a rogue until you leave it with special new checkpoint for rogue. Or you enter as normal agent with the current checkpoint.
    Rogue shouldn’t be a status by attacking people suddenly and just wait before a “countdown” tells you aren’t anymore.

    In addition to that, the PVE new content is a real boring one. You got more fun fighting the AI in the darkzone, than trying to farm intel to finally get a stupid “wave gameplay” to encounter your HVT.
    They shouldn’t stop recycling their incursion gameplay, we got it, enemy wave is fun for few rounds, not much after that.
    Manhattan is supposed not to be safe, it’s a war on this island but nothing happen. No random PVE quest, no random enemy activies that popup on the map. It’s boring & static, where’s the MMO in this game ?
    The dark zone is static too, the enemy just keep spawning in the same place at the same interval.
    DY-NA-MISM, we need that or after few hours after each upgrade, you’ll be bored again.

    • Misfit_Division says:

      Correction : “they should stop recycling their incursion gameplay”

  11. ecornell says:

    If you are bored playing this game. Then stop playing it, and killing it for everyone else, like me, that happens to like the game. No one is forcing you to play the game. How would you like it if I come into your house and start complaining I am bored, when you didn’t even ask me to come into your house in the first place. Chances are you would say the same thing to me. I don’t understand these hackers anyways. Really guys, what do you get out of by hackering and killing people in the Dark Zone. You already have your high end gear set, money, etc. I think all the hackers need to be put on there own server and they can battle it out by themselves.