Slime Rancher: A tour round Pip’s home

Slime Rancher

It sounded like people enjoyed looking round my Subnautica base a while back so I decided to make a video tour of my Slime Rancher [official site] base as well! It’s absolutely full of creatures and resources you won’t discover for ages as well as the more basic parts of the game so SPOILERS AHOY. I’d say only watch it if you don’t want to play the game or if you have played a really significant amount and have seen most things!


  1. Pogs says:

    I’m torn. My slime ranch is not nearly as far down the range as yours Pip, but I like listening to you. What a quandary…

  2. GrumpyCatFace says:

    Dat accent tho…

  3. oggnogg says:

    Thanks for the nice tour!

  4. ogopogo says:

    Thanks for the vid/writeup — articles like this, from a trusted source, make a huge difference for me in whether I try certain games or not, since there’s a question as to whether the time sink is worth it or not.

    While this may seem silly to all the staff writers it is really helpful to the reader, so double thanks for, well, showing as well as telling. Pip’s ability to make a base in various games is actually an excellent metric for gauging how certain games will play out.

  5. poliovaccine says:

    I may not speak for everyone, but I sure speak for myself when I say, it’s less about seeing your bases, nice as you tend to make em, and more about having an excuse to listen to your soothing voice! I’d probably watch a whole youtube channel of just you reading the backs of cereal boxes.

  6. Thule says:

    I like big bases and I cannot lie…

  7. gwop_the_derailer says:

    I have not played this game and I am only two minutes into the video, so maybe I am missing some context… but those lava lamps look like awful prisons for those cute slimes.

  8. Jakkar says:

    This may seem an odd question, but is there an alternative to chickens?

    I had no issue with it in Dungeon Keeper – they’re demons, monsters and generally villainous beings, and they’re mercenaries, and they live underground.

    But for all that this is cutesy and sweet as death by meringue, the whole industrial-agricultural aspect of it would probably grind me down a bit. Perhaps ‘because’ it’s cute, rather than despite – there’s a cognitive dissonance there for me, unless it’s more self-aware and black-humoured than it appears.

    Something about habitually, routinely throwing birds to their doom in the name of profit. Even in a cartoonish cutopia? No, *especially* there.

    If I’m going to simulate being a battery-farming villainous profiteer I want to look/act/feel like one. Muh dissonance! D:

    • SebfromMTL says:

      You can just cross-breed meat eating slimes with fruit or veggies eating ones so you don’t have to feed them chickens

      • Jakkar says:

        .. thank you =)

        Still a bit ethically disturbing, but at least slimes are an unknown and apparently quite cheerful species. Whereas I *know* chickens would not be very happy with this x)

  9. Premium User Badge

    Alpha1Dash1 says:

    Excellent video – we need a Subnautica update too!

  10. Quite So says:

    Thanks, great video. I was only barely aware of this game, but from the walk-through it looks like something I would enjoy.

    Also have to agree that Pip’s walk-throughs are very soothing. The gentle enthusiasm is appropriate to the content. It’s so annoying when I watch a Let’s Play, and the presenter uses a fake announcer voice for which they wildly modulate the volume and pitch. Not sure how that cringe-inducing technique ever caught on.

    • brucethemoose says:

      Pretty sure you can blame Minecraft for that.

      With the 7 billion other MC Let’s Plays out there, attention needs to be grabbed by any means.

    • DelrueOfDetroit says:

      Lack of confidence in your own voice, lack of experience in audio work and lack of funds for high end audio equipment.