Ubisoft are testing For Honour dedicated servers, and you can join them even if you don’t own the game


Get ready to grab your great axe, long-sword or naginata and set some heads a-rolling, because Ubisoft are finally testing dedicated servers for their melee brawler For Honor. Everyone, including people who don’t own that game, can download the test client now then start helping them with that from 1pm GMT on Thursday, when you’ll be able to slash around in the usual multiplayer modes but on dedicated servers rather than wonky peer-to-peer ones. They’ll stay up until 1am on Monday the 18th.

If you do own the game and you’ve been getting annoyed at unstable servers, then I can see why you might not be interested in testing out some new, differently unstable test-phase servers. Maybe just sit back and hope that Ubisoft make the server infrastructure switch early on in 2018.

Ubisoft promised dedicated servers were coming back in July.

Booting up the test client will reward you with a special symbol to slap on to your emblem, which is the crest that serves as your player icon in-game. Completing challenges will net you some Steel, the in-game currency.

Given how stingy For Honor usually is with its currency (although I should say that I haven’t played since they loosened the Steel taps a little), if I still played I would be a little tempted to hop on. There’s a neat Beserker emote that I never saved up enough to buy.

Brendan recently interviewed game director Damien Kieken, where he asked whether Kieken would go back and warn himself about using peer-to-peer:

“What happened after launch is something we didn’t [see] in the closed beta period. It was news to us… Right now peer-to-peer doesn’t bring any issue in Duel or in Brawl, its more in 4 v 4 matches. But Dominion [the 4v4 mode of conquering control points] right now is the most played game mode. It’s one of the favourites of the community so it is also the reason why dedicated servers make a lot of sense right now.”

It’s a bit of a clumsily evasive answer, as are many of his other responses, though he is right that the server problems aren’t present in Duel and Brawl. I spent nearly all my time in those modes rather than Dominion, and can’t remember having any issues with them.

Will dedicated servers be enough to prevent player numbers from dwindling? Only time will tell.

You can register for the dedicated server open beta test here.


  1. Anti-Skub says:

    For Honour. The game that really should have started the backlash against publishers that Battlefront 2 ended up doing.

    Loot boxes with stat boosting items. A full box price, with a season pass the same price as a full game, and then microtransactions on top of that. A progression grind obviously designed to annoy you into spending more money. And despite the triple dip payment rinsing players of their money, a short, half assed campaign that was basically just multiplayer with bots, and no dedicated servers.

    • Xelos says:

      My problem with For Honor progression system is that it’s just WAY to slow. It would literally take you many MONTHS of dedicated play to unlock everything for a SINGLE character. And you can’t even buy this stuff. I don’t get it. Love the game, but the progression system is absolutely boneheaded.

    • slusa says:

      Comparing For Honor’s business practice to Battlefront 2’s is ridiculous, especially when you look into the finer details of the SP’s content and how the boxes work.

      For one, the season pass is about as optional as you can get. The maps are always free, with or without it. Season pass holders get the heroes a week earlier and for free, while those who don’t wait an additional week and have to fork over 15k steel. A lot of steel, sure, but not unobtainable if you play consistently and do your orders.

      And the boxes? As bad BF2’s? Ha! They’re cheap as hell, give you something of a higher quality 100% of the time, and are completely optional and effect only a few game modes.

  2. MushyWaffle says:

    good on them for not letting go… it’s endearing really. I gave up shortly after launch when I unlocked everything below the 4000 hour requirement.

    You simply can’t have competitive gaming without dedicated servers, it can’t exist. It should have been day one.

    • Aborted Man says:

      Yeah someone should tell all those Street Fighter, Tekken, Soul Caliber, and countless other P2P fighting game devs that make the games that hundreds of thousands of people play competitively in tournaments every year that they’re doing it wrong.

      Dedicated servers are the best solution for EVERYTHING because I know buzz words. Dedicated servers even cured my leprosy.

      • Don Reba says:

        How did you even get leprosy in the first place?

      • ColonelFlanders says:

        You’re in danger of talking utter bollocks there. I can’t think of a credible 2DF tournament that doesn’t do their bouts locally, specifically because they’re p2p.

        Besides the reason that fighting games don’t have dedis is because it’s too impractical to have millions of short form server spaces for just two people to join it and then leave again 3 minutes later. The very idea that p2p services could or should be relied upon for more than 2 players is frankly laughable; if League of Legends or CSGO had p2p servers then they would definitely not be as popular as they are now, and they certainly wouldn’t be able to run online tournaments like they do now.

        Every game that can do it should have dedicated servers, especially at the prices these companies are charging.

  3. Ham Solo says:

    Too little, too late. Don’t bother.