Shoot for the moon: Prey expansion murmurs intensify


Arkane’s Prey was one of the best games of 2017, hands down. A proper revitalization of the System Shock formula from the team who had already updated Thief through the spectacular Dishonored series. So, it hit us rather hard at RPS Towers to hear rumblings that it hadn’t sold so great, along with Dishonored 2 and its standalone expansion.

With the very future of the immersive sim in question, imagine our excitement and relief when the official Prey Twitter account sprung into life once more, doling out increasingly overt hints that Morgan Yu’s spooky space adventures might yet continue, this time amidst the scenic rolling hills of a lunar research facility.

This was the first in a series of exciting tweets that have had fans of the game buzzing with anticipation. An ominous, glitchy pan across space, focused clearly on the pearly surface of the moon. Later, and somewhat more overtly came this post, featuring the art seen in our title pic above, albeit tagged ‘Throwback Thursday’.

While less useful at face value, if we take all those juicy out-of-place capitals, we get GMRINGNNOOGMOOADR, which also means nothing. However, rearrange them a little, and it’s not too hard to end up with…

Monogram Don Gringo – No, wait. That can’t be right.
Damning Gorgon Room – Erm, probably not that either.
Random Gorging Moon – Potentially topical, but unlikely.
Maroon Dogging Morn – No. Nuh-uh. Not even slightly.

Oh, yes: Good Morning, Morgan. Words so etched into the spirit of Prey that a quick search for the sentence brings up dozens of results on YouTube alone. Not exactly the most subtle of hints, but it does add a little bit more weight to the growing pile of evidence. Prey may well be coming back for one last encore performance, and I can’t wait to abuse the Gloo Gun’s sequence-breaking powers in floaty lunar gravity.

Whether an expansion is on the way or not, if you’re somehow managed to miss playing Prey, you should rectify that immediately, and if you have a halfway beefy PC, this impressive graphics and lighting overhaul mod goes a long way to making the already very haunted Talos 1 space station feel just that little bit more menacing. We’ll undoubtedly hear more about this during the upcoming trade show season, and if this is an expansion-to-be, expect a debut trailer during either GDC or E3.


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  1. woodsey says:

    Tomorrow is ("Good morning, Morgan. Today is...") March 15th, so an imminent announcement seems likely.

    Hopefully this is basically confirmation that it sold pretty well in the end. I'd gladly pay full-price (i.e. £35-40) for a DotO sized expansion.
  1. Mouse_of_Dunwall says:

    Oh hell yes!

  2. woodsey says:

    Tomorrow is (“Good morning, Morgan. Today is…”) March 15th, so an imminent announcement seems likely.

    Hopefully this is basically confirmation that it sold pretty well in the end. I’d gladly pay full-price (i.e. £35-40) for a DotO sized expansion.

  3. Premium User Badge

    subdog says:

    Day 1 purchase.

  4. mavrik says:

    More Arkane games goodness? Hell yes!

  5. dethtoll says:

    Prey was my #3 GOTY last year. I am super jazzed for this.

  6. Shazbut says:


  7. Jenuall says:

    More Prey? That’s great news, I’m so excited you could almost say I was “over the moon”! :P

  8. caff says:

    Excellent. Loved Prey. It’s criminally insane that more people didn’t buy this.

  9. W@yt00muchAcid says:

    I hope it is a stand alone expansion so I don’t have to dick around in the main story again, even though I loved it, I have so many games to play and would rather not have to do all that stuff again to get to a certain point..etc..

    • Dominic Tarason says:

      Normally I’d agree, but Prey is just open-ended enough to make replaying it genuinely fun. Plus, there’s those achievements to shoot for that ask you to play the game as either a pure human or all-Typhon-powered creature.

  10. Jenuall says:

    There’s also the KasmaCorp Twitter feed which has been posting some interesting Mimic/Typhon related whiteboard images over the last few days: link to

    In game KasmaCorp was a rival tech company to Transtar and had been stealing information from Talos 1 thanks to some less than upstanding Transtar employees!

  11. mehteh says:

    Remove Denuvo please

  12. Monggerel says:

    Prey was my GOTY, so this is excellent news. My one complaint was that the Typhon just weren’t visually interesting – to be fair, this is true of most videogame opponents.
    (you need Cleric Beast. you just – listen, ok, shut up, you just gotta add Cleric Beast you wee silly bastards, just, just put the Cleric Beast into your game, it will be just fine, alright, this is a good idea-

  13. DragonDai says:

    Prey was my GOTY and a top contender for my game of the decade, so far anyway. A real showing of what an 0451 game (my fav genre) can and should be. I’ve played it many times through and would love an xpac to give me yet another reason to play it again.

  14. jssebastian says:

    Loved prey, though I did not (yet?) finish it.

    Thought it was too horror and frustrating with the system-shock style limited ammo for my taste… but there was a free demo, so I downloaded. It was called prey the first hour. Irony is that I actually hated the first hour of the demo, almost bounced off of it altogether, then past the initial scary bit got into it as more of an immersive sim playground, and spent 5 hours cleaning up every corner of the lobby area.

    Then I bought the game and found out I had to start over ehe… still, a win for demos, wouldn’t have bought it without one.

  15. Marclev says:

    If this becomes available for pre-purchase, I’m pre-purchasing. No questions asked, take my money.

    It’s completely against what I’d usually do, but next to Subnautica this is easily my game of the decade (and only because the previous decade featured the original Deus Ex, nothing can stand up to that), and I want to make sure they get the message that they should make more!

  16. Uninteresting Curse File Implement says:

    Fantastic news, although I wonder how exactly they will expand after the revelations of the final 3 minutes of Prey really cheapened that setting and those events, all that seemed very cool up to that point. As of now, I’m finding it hard to get excited for that story again, but Prey has so much else going for it that it doesn’t even matter.

  17. nottorp says:

    Well, it may not have sold so well because of Bethesda using the name Prey for a game completely unrelated to the one from 2006 and because of their attitude towards smaller fry (linky: link to These two items made me not even read the game reviews.

    There are so many games available that people with limited time can afford to be picky…

  18. Altronza says:

    I wanted to buy both.. But there were just so many expensive games that came out. I did play the demos though. I also think preys game opening was brilliant.