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TFT best set 2 comps [9.23]

Featured post TFT set 2 comps

The right TFT comps can rise up and dominate your opponents, but there’s one comp that’s dominating the meta at the moment. The “Eggroll” comp is a rather easy comp to build and can be difficult to stop, but there has also a counter build if too many people are competing for the champions needed for Eggroll. We’ve also got a few other comps to try out if you want to experiment with different compositions.

TFT set 2 combat

TFT set 2 comps [9.23] guide

This TFT comps guide for set 2 will have a list of the best comps in the current meta for the game, as of patch 9.23. In more recent days, there has been talk about a certain strategy, so we’ll be including Eggroll comps, as well as comps designed to counter Eggroll tactics.

TFT set 2 comps [9.23] guide contents

TFT set 2 combat

Set 2 comps TFT [9.23]

To have the most success in TFT’s set 2, you’ll need teams that have a great amount of synergy, the optimal items equipped, and decent skills that support the rest of your champions. It seems that certainly, for the time being, there are certain combinations of Origins and Classes that work very well together.

eggroll tft comp

Eggroll TFT comp

First and foremost, the name of this comp is really stupid and problematic, but that’s what the TFT community went with. The Eggroll comp originated from Chinese players and is a variant on “hyper-rolling” with an unfortunate name that was given when it became popular overseas. I first saw this comp from YouTube user “Scarra” and it’s a bit dirty. The main idea is to spend a lot of coins refreshing the shop to find certain units, specifically three Woodland champions, along with Renekton and Diana in order to make an almost unstoppable comp. You don’t even level up your Player Level, just roll down the shop until you get to rank 3 for all five of those champions. Eventually, you’ll run into a Kha’Zix and this is where the comp comes together.

  • Champions:
    • Front Row: Renekton
    • Third Row: Diana, LeBlanc, Kha’Zix, MaoKai,
    • Back Row: Qiyana Cloud (optional), Janna (optional)
  • Items for carries:
    • Renekton: Dragon’s Tooth, Phantom Dancer, Iceborne Gauntlet
    • Diana: Spear of Shojin, Guinsoo’s Rageblade
  • Eggroll Counter gameplan:
    • When to create – You can try for this as the game begins, but particularly go for it if you have multiple Woodland champions and Renekton early on.
    • Mid-game – You want to be spending money on refreshing the shop to get Diana, Renekton, and the three Woodland champions to Star Rank 3. Don’t level up beyond Player Level 5 for now.
    • Top Tip – Once you’ve hyper-rolled to the optimal comp, having additional cloud support from Qiyana and Janna is a good thing to build to.

eggroll counter tft comp

Eggroll Counter TFT comp

In order to stop the Eggroll comp, you’ll need a hard counter. Courtesy of YouTube user “Scarra“, the best way to deal with this is with a Poison, Electric, Mystic comp. The main idea is to get Zed active with Redemption as soon as possible as creating clones of himself is a bit ridiculous at the moment. It’ll take a while to build up, so be prepared to be playing catch up for a short time.

  • Champions:
    • Front Row: Master Yi, Singed, Dr Mundo, Ornn
    • Back Row: Soraka, Nami, Twitch, Zed
  • Items for carries:
    • Singed: Morellonomicon, Phantom Dancer, Hextech Gunblade
    • Zed: Redemption, Spear of Shojin, Repeating Crossbow
    • Dr Mundo: Thief’s Gloves
    • Nami: Hush
  • Eggroll Counter gameplan:
    • When to create – If other players are Eggrolling, and nobody else is in Poison or Mystic. You also need Redemption to pull this off reliably.
    • Mid-game – Until you get the Mystics, you can run three summoners instead to round off the comp, but make sure Nami and Soraka are bought late-game. Volibear is a decent choice before getting Master Yi.
    • Top Tip – If you get a Neeko’s Help, keep it for the late game and use it to boost the number of Singed. You can also replace Volibear with Master Yi for a 4 Mystic variant late-game and have Janna as a ninth champion.

tft comps glacial assassins

Glacial Assassin TFT comp

This is a rather simple comp as it only requires seven champions to get going, but they include some all-star champions. Specific items are definitely required to bolster the trait bonuses even higher, but you can also add either Lux or Rek’Sai for added steel bonus.

  • Champions:
    • Back Row: Nocturne, Qiyana, Yasuo, Master Yi, Janna, Sivir, and Kha’Zix
  • Items for carries:
    • Nocturne: Blade of the Ruined King, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Infinity Edge
    • Kha’Zix: Blade of the Ruined King, Infinity Edge, Seraph’s Embrace
  • Glacial Assassin gameplan:
    • When to create – If you are able to make the Blade of the Ruined King early on and are able to draft Sivir and Azir early on, then this is a strong team to transition towards.
    • Mid-game – Run some low-cost Assassins such as Diana or LeBlanc until you draft Nocturne and Kha’Zix. You’ll need to have a second Blade of the Ruined King to complete the comp, otherwise, you’ll need to run an Aatrox – which isn’t as good.
    • Top Tip – You’ll need a high amount of cash and levels to complete the comp efficiently, so save up and dump your cash onto levels to filter out the lower-tier champions.

tft comps six light

Six Light TFT comp

This is a TFT comp that comes from TFT streamer “Redox”, which involves setting up the six light trait bonus and having a few key items on champions like Jax and Vayne.

  • Champions:
    • First Row: Jax
    • Second Row: Aatrox
    • Back Row: Yasuo, Yorick, Janna, Vayne, Ezreal, Soraka
  • Items for carries:
    • Yasuo: Talisman of Light, Frozen Mallet
    • Vayne: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Runaan’s Hurricane, Hush (you can use Giant Slayer if Rageblade isn’t available)
    • Jax: Warmog’s Armor, Iceborne Gauntlet, Phantom Blades
  • Six Light gameplan:
    • When to create – When your opponents aren’t taking enough Light champions, particularly if Predators are being taken a lot. Talisman of Light parts is also vital.
    • Mid-game – Use Predators to build defences early before transitioning to the six Light team. You’re also aiming to get the Tailsman of Light onto Yasuo as he greatly benefits from its effects.
    • Top Tip – Yasuo also greatly benefits from a Glacial bonus, so pairing him with Ezreal thanks to the Frozen Mallet makes him a stun-locking machine. Yorick also helps here with defences.

tft comps poison ranger

Poison Ranger TFT comp

This TFT comp comes courtesy of the pro TFT player “Scarra” and it’s a doozy. The idea is to build up your rangers and poison champions while having key champions in play, with the main aim to be to get Singed and Ashe their items. Taric is also a very good defensive wall.

  • Champions:
    • Second Row: Dr Mundo, Taric, Yorick
    • Third Row: Singed
    • Back Row: Kindred, Twitch, Ashe, Vayne
  • Items for carries:
    • Ashe: Talisman of Light, Runaan’s Hurricane x2
    • Singed: Morellonomicon, Hextech Gunblade (?)
    • Twitch: Warmog’s Armor, Sword Breaker
  • Poison Ranger gameplan:
    • When to create – Having a large number of poison champions and decent items to combine. You can transition from Light-based champions like Nasus quite easily.
    • Mid-game – Dr Mundo is a great pick to transition into Poison, while Singed with Morellonomicon and Hextech Gunblade is potentially a bit busted as he just wanders around.
    • Top Tip – If you get to nine champions, Nami is a good option to place on the back row, behind the rest of your champions. Just shunt the other champions on that row forward and have Nami in the middle to augment her allies with the tidal wave.

tft comps shadow summoners

Shadow Summoners comp TFT

One of the breakout TFT set 2 comps as been the Shadow Summoners. With this comp, you’ll likely have a tough time getting all of the pieces, as there are several expensive champions to build to star rank 2. However, if you’re able to pull this off, it’s quite hard to stop, particularly with a fully decked out Malzahar.

  • Champions:
    • Second Row: Yasuo, Master Yi, Yorick, Scion
    • Back Row: Malzahar, Zed, Janna, Kindred
  • Items for carries:
    • Master Yi: Deathblade, Dragon’s Claw
    • Kindred: Seraph’s Embrace
    • Malzahar: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Seraph’s Embrace, Morellonomicon
  • Shadow Summoner gameplan:
    • When to create – Early synergy with Shadow and Summoners, as well as decent luck with Seraph’s Embrace.
    • Mid-game – Malzahar should be the champion to concentrate on getting the items for. Master Yi and Zed will round out the comp.
    • Top Tip – Make sure to space out your champions as much as you can on the front row.

tft comps poison glacial

Poison Glacial comp TFT

In this Poison Glacial TFT comp, there are some champions that you can just leave to their own devices, but it’s heavily reliant on Olaf and Twitch getting the right items. The rest of the champions are there to act as trait synergy, and a buffer for your main DPS dealers to get going.

  • Champions:
    • First Row: Braum (middle)
    • Second Row: Singed
    • Third Row: Volibear, Olaf, Twitch, Ezreal, Dr Mundo, Warwick
  • Items for carries:
    • Olaf: Hush, Bloodthirster
    • Twitch: Red Buff, Frozen Mallet, Runaan’s Hurricane
    • Singed: Morellonomicon
  • Poison Glacial gameplan:
    • When to create – A decent amount of glacials, particularly if you get Warwick and Volibear.
    • Mid-game – Have a proxy unit that shares synergy hold onto items that Twitch would equip. Then as soon as you get Twitch, sell that champion and slap the items onto him.
    • Top Tip – Play around with Singed’s position as the trajectory he moves in is dependent on where you put him.

tft comps light summoners

Light Summoners comp TFT

This is not the same as the first comp at all. The Light Summoners TFT comp features mostly different champions and uses both Vayne and Zed as hyper carries.

  • Champions:
    • First Row: Jax, Yorick, Nasus
    • Second Row: Aatrox (position on the opposite end with the gap in the formation caused by the first row)
    • Third Row: Azir, Vayne, Sivir
    • Fourth Row: Zed
  • Items for carries:
    • Vayne: Runaan’s Hurricane, Giant Slayer, Guinsoo’s Rageblade
    • Zed: Guardian Angel, Redemption, Talisman of Light
    • Sivir: Red Buff
  • Light Summoners gameplan:
    • When to create – Getting early Light champions, as well as access to some of the items you equip to Vayne or Zed later on.
    • Mid-game – Vayne absolutely needs her items, but don’t neglect your tanks up at the front. Aatrox can definitely help out with his high damage ability.
    • Top Tip – Have a proxy champion act as Zed’s item carrier so you can get the relevant item bonuses off early. Since Zed is Tier 5, this requires patience and good luck.

tft comps glacial berserker

Glacial Berserker comp TFT

A fun comp to build next, though it does take a lot of items to get going. The Glacial Berserker build, when it gets going, can be one of the more tricky TFT comps to deal with, thanks to just how much Glacial effects are flying across the screen onto the enemy team. It has two champions that it depends on to deal most of the damage however.

  • Champions:
    • Second Row: Warwick
    • Third Row: Ornn, Braum
    • Fourth Row: Volibear, Ezreal, Kindred, Olaf, Scion,
  • Items for carries:
    • Olaf: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Sword Breaker, Deathblade
    • Kindred: Ionic Spark, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster
    • Scion: Thornmail, Frozen Mallet
  • Glacial Berserker gameplan:
    • When to create – This one needs a lot of specific items to work, so if you have three items for either Olaf or Kindred, you’re good to go.
    • Mid-game – Glacial bonuses are key to victory here and getting the Frozen Mallet will set you up for rougher encounters later on. Have a proxy character equip Olaf or Kindred’s items until you get them.
    • Top Tip – Having your champions protect Olaf and Kindred is important, but make sure it’s tankier champions like Volibear and Scion that are right at the edges.

tft comps shadow blademaster

Shadow Blademaster comp TFT

Another decent option for TFT set 2 comps comes from the Shadow Blademasters. This takes fewer items to get going quickly and may just be one of the easier top tier comps to build with the champions on offer. You’ll still be competing for the likes of Kindred and Janna though.

  • Champions:
    • First Row: Master Yi, Scion (middle of the row)
    • Third Row: Kindred, Janna, Sivir
    • Fourth Row: Malzahar, Kha’Zix
  • Items for carries:
    • Kindred: Blade of the Ruined King, Seraph’s Embrace
    • Master Yi: Deathblade, Guinsoo’s Rageblade
    • Sivir: Sword Breaker, Runaan’s Hurricane
  • Shadow Blademaster gameplan:
    • When to create – A decent selection of Shadow champions early on is an indication you should go for this comp.
    • Mid-game – The difficulty here will be competing for high priority champions like Kindred, Janna, and Sivir. Rolling down for them might be an option, provided you have the gold to spare.
    • Top Tip – The comp itself does feature some hard-to-get champions, but if you’re really stuck for Blademasters, creating more Blade of the Ruined Kings is a good Plan B.

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