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A Cut Above: Surgeon Simulator Adds SPACE SURGERY

No gravity? No problem

In space, no one can hear you scream. Typically, that's very bad news seeing as games, TV shows, and movies have incontrovertibly proven that the universe is crawling with slavering teeth monsters that want to replace our insides with their writhing, gelatinous young. However, if you're an implausibly incompetent space surgeon, I believe you can actually make a solid case for the silence of the vacuum working in your favor. After all, who's going to find out? Plus, do medial malpractice rules even apply outside the jurisdiction of, well, Earth? It's perfect! Thus, Surgeon Simulator 2013's new outer-space DLC makes complete, absolute, 100 percent non-absurd sense. Oh, but there's more to it than that. Developer Bossa's latest nip and tuck also kicks off a new ARG that apparently hides "Top Secret World-Stopping Secret Content™"."

Here's the meat of the DLC, per Bossa's announcement:

"Bossa Studios announced today that an update for Surgeon Simulator 2013 will send bungling amateur surgeon Nigel into the orbital operating theatre for more zero-gravity mayhem. Players will now be able to perform Brain Surgery and Kidney Surgery in space, and have the chance to earn a total of 18 new Steam Achievements along the way."

But if you dig a little deeper - yeah, just toss out that lung; it's probably not doing anything important - you'll find a brand new alternate reality game titled Codename: Trisha. Surgeon Simulator's Steam community has already put together a trail of VCR tapes and telephone numbers, but apparently that's only just the beginning. So yes, probably get on that. Whatever lies at the end of the wonderfully convoluted tunnel is sure to be very, very silly.

Also, it's worth noting that this isn't the first time Surgeon Simulator's gone to space. Thus, I leave you with this very amusing video of the organ-obliterating sim's secret space mission.

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