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Give Your Eyes, Teeth: Surgeon Simulator DLC

Alternative gag: a cracking good time

I couldn't tell you how many eyeballs I've gouged out and teeth I've kicked in while playing video games. Lots, certainly (and in the game), but never to help people. New Surgeon Simulator DLC will let us altruistically enjoy sounds of eyeballs squishing and teeth tinkling, adding new operations starring those bodyparts. It's bringing them over from the PlayStation 4 version, really, along with new environments like a bed smashing through the doors of a hospital hallway. Curiously, a graphics overhaul is also packaged into this £1.99 DLC, not coming as an upgrade for everyone.

This is an argument that's smouldered for over a decade--what's appropriate for DLC and what should come in free patches? Which, of course, a huge complex issue across financial, technological, moral, and pedantic axes without a single firm answer. A graphics update seems like something which might be rolled out to all versions, but it's also the sort of thing we'd traditionally see in a sequel, so who even knows, who even cares?

The 'Anniversary Edition' DLC only costs £1.99, which seems perfectly reasonable. It's on Steam now. Bossa have added plenty of new odds and ends for free before. The DLC also adds stat tracking for recent operations and a few dozen achievements, for people who enjoy seeing their efforts recognised with cold, hard, text.

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