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A top-tier 850W EVGA PSU for £73 is an incredible early Black Friday PC deal

It's an 80+ Gold power supply rated to support the RTX 4090.

Golly. The EVGA P6 850W is a top-tier modular power supply, and today it's been discounted by nearly £40 over at Amazon. That drops it £73, a terrific deal on a PSU that can handle anything up to (and including) an RTX 4090. We actually covered this power supply last month, when I was surprised to learn it had dropped to £90 after weeks of costing more than £100 in the crypto-boom era. Now it's even cheaper, and that makes our recommendation stronger than ever.

Here's the usual rigmarole about why this power supply is so good, courtesy of the first time we wrote up this model:

This particular power supply gets strong reviews, with an A 'best in class' rating on the influential Cultists PSU tier list - itself an continuation of the LTT Forum tier list - which is a strong mark of quality. They describe it as 'the best Seasonic-made PSU on the market, ironically not sold by Seasonic themselves', with high ratings for its silent operation, build quality, compact size and excellent cables.

The EVGA P6 is definitely a PSU worth considering then, and looking at similar PSUs - name brand, 850W and 80+ Gold - there's only really this MSI unit that's less than £100 - and even this is £96 and a penny change. So £73 is pretty strong, is what I'm saying.

OK then, well thanks for joining me and I'll see you out on the trails, cowpoke.

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