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Adorable dino tycoon Parkasaurus has left early access

Velociraptor vogue

One day, someone is going to build a genetically-engineered dinosaur theme park that doesn't turn its guests into lunch. Parkasaurus may not quite escape from the murder, but I reckon it's easier to be eaten by a T-Rex when it's wearing a funny hat. Emerging from the labs of early access, Washbear's colourful dino tycoon opened the gates to a full release today, with 20% off tickets for early visitors.

Parkasaurus, unfortunately, does not follow the rampant escapades of a ten-story jacket. Be well gid though, wouldn't it?

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Assuming the name didn't give it away, Parkasaurus pits you in the chair of Jurassic Park's John Hammond, overseeing your own prehistoric theme park. Only, Parkasaurus is a whole lot more colourful than Spielberg's monster island, a Goldbloom-free resort that's as much about decorating your dinosaurs as it is ensuring they don't hop a fence and start munching on your visitors.

Our former Premature Evaluation lad Fraser Brown took a tour 'round Parkasaurus back when it entered early access, finding a "kaleidoscopic playground waiting to be filled with colourful, googly-eyed dino friends and their large wardrobe of headgear". He reckoned it was promising both as a sandbox and management sim. Hopefully, the two years since have tidied up some of the messier parts of both.

Coming out of early access adds a proper globe-trotting campaign to Parkasaurus, variable difficulty modes, challenge times for all campaign levels, and some "major" visual and optimisation enhancements. More importantly, there are six new dinosaurs to fence in - or, uh, conveniently leave the gates to their enclosures unlocked.

Parkasaurus is out now on Steam for 20% off, putting the admission fee at £15.19/€16.79/$19.99.

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