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Dino management sim Parkasaurus emerges from early access on August 13

Every dino has their day

If I've learned anything from Jurassic Park over the years it's that running a dinosaur zoo is a harrowing undertaking. No less harrowing in Parkasaurus, it seems. These dinos may be neon-colored and wear tiny hats but they can still escape and munch on your guests. You can start running your own park and tending to its giant inhabitants when Parkasaurus graduates from early access on August 13th.

Personally, I'm not one for park management. Who needs profit and capitalism and the stress of hiring a good janitor? That's why I just like to build lovely exhibits for my prehistoric pals. Fortunate for me that Parkasaurus also lets you do that. There's a campaign mode of course where you try to run a park like a proper manager—buying eggs as you can afford them, breeding dinos, expanding the park, and hiring staff. There are also custom game settings so folks like me can plant trees, pick out toys, and mess with the terrain tools to build some wacko enclosures all with unlimited money and no restrictions.

I was already into playing around with Parkasaurus' enclosure designs back when I took it for a spin in 2018. Managing types of ground cover, amount of water, and terrain variation to create different biomes led to lots of fun experiments. Since then, there appear to be all sorts of new tools like raised walkways for guests, cute light ropes, and other nice elements.

It looks like Washbear have also added some extra friction to the management side of the game with things like par times for missions that you can attempt to beat by completing them in a set number of days and rarity levels for your different dinos.

As for the launch build, WashBear say that Parkasaurus 1.0 will come with "more dinos, a full campaign, new modes, enhanced exhibit design features, and more."

I pretty much put Parkasaurus on the backburner after my first go, knowing it would be one that I'd like to play at its best. I'm glad to see there are plenty of new bits to try out if I make the time to go back to it.

You can find Parkasaurus over on Steam where Washbear say it will be on 20% discount at launch. It's currently priced at £19/€21/$25.

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