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Alien: Isolation Has Sold 2.1 Million Horrible Stalking Aliens

Across all platforms

According to Sega's latest financial report, space stealth-em-up Alien: Isolation [official site] had sold 2.1 million units across all platforms at the end of March. It comfortably outsold the publisher's other new releases during the same year, such as Football Manager 2015 (810k sales) and the two Sonic Boom games (620k total sales).

Alien: Isolation represents a high point in an otherwise weak year for Sega's packaged games in the 2015 fiscal year (which ended on March 31st), despite what some would call relatively low sales for a AAA title. Considering the game was in development for four years, I wonder whether Sega made back development costs.

The plan is now to "improve profitability by streamlining centering on overseas businesses" and create profit with the help of "mainstay IPs" like Persona 5. Other major titles for the next fiscal year include Hortensia Saga, Chaos Dragon and Monster Gear. Which all sound very Japanese and very non-PC.

We’ll have to wait and see what Sega will do with the Alien franchise next. Alien: Isolation was an actual Good Game and was well received, critically. Hopefully the improved sales over Alien: Colonial Marines (1.3million) will push them towards an Isolation sequel. Or perhaps a game like that works best in a vacuum.

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