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Ice Ice Baby: Among The Sleep's Free Prologue DLC

You forget your scarf, lousy baby

You can hardly step foot in the RPS Treehouse nowadays without crushing a rusk or slipping on a vomity bib. Everywhere you look: babies and their detritus. As the least parental and perhaps most monstrous limb of the RPS Hivemind, it's now my responsibility to handle games about babies, lest a more delicate person burst into tears. So here I am, explaining that Among the Sleep, the horror game about how foolish babies are, received a free prologue chapter last week. I'd missed it because the RPS letter pile was stuck together with what I do hope was puréed swede.

The original campaign didn't end on the sunniest note, and fittingly this chapter's plunged into a world of ice and snow. Once again, the baby's off toddling about, wandering nightmarish worlds, solving puzzles, and trying to avoid a terrible being that's searching for you.

Though the Prologue has its own Steam page with screenshots and stuff, it should automatically download for folks who have Among the Sleep installed.

Ha ha anyway look at this lousy baby, it's not even wearing a scarf out in that snow! Don't you know you should have a better idea of regulating your own body temperature by now, baby?

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