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Where The Riled Things Are: Among The Sleep

Toddler terror

Among The Sleep has a great hook. Horror games often require the player to feel defenceless, unable to fight back and barely able to flee. Well, says the man at Krillbite Studios, what could be less capable of defending itself than an infant? A slug, perhaps. A slug in a salt mine. But tiny toddling humans are quite rubbish, particularly when they find themselves trapped in a surrealistic nightmare that requires them to navigate a warped version of their own home. A new in-game video shows a game of hide and seek, and makes the game look even more like a prequel to Amnesia than previous footage had indicated.

Actually, that's not an Amnesia prequel at all. Pajama-clad protagonist? Nightmarish monstrosities? It's Weird Dreams, by Gad.

If you've ever complained about a boss battle, skip to around seven minutes in that video. Giant electricity-sponge wasp beaten to death by man wielding electric eel.

In Britain, children used to call into a Saturday morning television show on which the hosts played Weird Dreams. The caller shouted instructions down the phone, making a mockery of the already laggy controls. We live in a strange land.

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