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Among Trees is an upcoming pretty survival game

Sadly, not a walking simulator

It made sense that our John was keen to show me Among Trees this morning. Say that name aloud, look at that ↑ screenshot, read the tagline "a vibrant first-person exploration adventure", remember my fondness for walking simulators, and think of my dozy arse trudging through woods to reach secluded swimming spots. Ah, classic Alicebait. However! Read on and you'll discover that Among Trees is a craft-o-survival game, a game where we'll build up a wee cabin and chop down trees and and fish and farm and try not to freeze to death or get eating by wildlife. Which I realise is a description that might interest a great many more of you than imagined Alicebait.

Developers FJRD Interactive say on Steam that they plan to launch Among Trees into early access in late 2018 or early 2019. That page also talks about all the usual craft-o-survival features, sneaking pasts critters so they don't eat your face, and generally trying not to end up dead. Which is fine if you're into that, I'm sure.

Details are thin for now--it doesn't even have a website--and all we have to see of it in motion is this low-res clip:

Which, you know, as a walking simulator I would hypothetically be up for. There's a whole lot more in survival games that FJDR haven't demonstrated yet. But I'm happy here, I spent two minutes thinking this might be a pretty walking simulator. That's me still warm from the thought of that. You, well, I understand you need to chop trees and build fires and harvest plants if you want to feel warm, you survivalist sucker. Ha ha go suck on some moss.

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