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Lovely survival sandbox Among Trees is out now in early access, and I am so excited I might die

Bear with me

Honestly, readers, it is only my obligation to you (and also a vague sense that Graham might tell me off) that I haven't dropped everything immediately to go and play Among Trees. It's a gorgeous survival sandbox game set in a lush, lovely evergreen forest full of mists and bears, I've been desperate for it since it was first teased almost two years back, and the PC Gaming Show just casually revealed that it's out in early access on the Epic Games Store right now. And then they moved on to another game. Like it was just nothing to reveal that to me.

Feast your eyes on the darling launch trailer below.

I don't usually go in for survival games, but in this one the world doesn't seem, you know, so very hostile. There aren't hideous monsters, there's just nature. It looks like a very nice, peaceful forest, which, sure, I'm not naturally fixed for living in, and maybe it's a bit rainy sometimes, and I have to crouch in the mud to avoid a bear as it lumbers past. But hey, the bear was probably here first. I don't start a problem with it, it (hopefully) won't have a problem with me.

Most importantly, you can build a little wooden home, expand it to have a greenhouse and more than one floor, and fill it with lovely plants to nurture and grow. The details in this are properly enchanting - just look at the fishing rod you can make. You clearly fashion it out of a branch, but it still has leaves on it. Ah, I love it!

Right now it's 15% off its regular price of £16/€16/$20 if you, like me, are desperate to build a tiny home in the woods.

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