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Among Us is free to keep this week on the Epic Games Store

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Among Us is free to keep if you grab it from the Epic Games Store this week. The social betrayal multiplayer game normally costs an already pretty small £4/$5/€4, so it's not a huge saving, but now is a good time to grab it if you've been mildly curious over all the fuss.

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The "fuss" being that Among Us, which was released in 2018, exploded in popularity in August 2020. Its sudden success was driven initally by some streamers playing it, but it's a good game to play with friends, even if those friends don't normally play games.

Here's the setup: you're on a spaceship and you and your pals each have tasks to perform during a round, but one (or more) of you is an imposter whose job is to kill everyone else. After each round, players vote as to who they think the Imposter is, who is then flushed into space. Its controls are simple, you can play it crossplay on damn near anything, and it makes for good banter between pals as you perform a little light betrayal.

It's not the kind of game you need to get good at, or even read about (much to our chagrin). It's just fun. Get your family to play it with you instead of Cluedo on boardgame night. You can grab it for free from Epic from now until June 3rd.

The Epic Games Mega Sale is still underway, if you do want to spend some money. We also recently discovered what Epic have paid for some of these free game giveaways; I wonder how much a smash hit like Among Us cost them?

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