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Among Us new Airship map arrives this month

Along with an account system so the devs can better moderate the game

Gather your crews and prep for some sky-high murdering, because Innersloth have revealed the new Among Us map lands on March 31st. Actually, it won't be landing, it'll be taking off. The Airship will be the game's biggest map to date, and comes with loads of new tasks, the ability to pick your starting room, and even some ladders to escape down (or surprise your oblivious victims).

The Airship is themed around Innersloth's Henry Stickmin series, and will be the fourth map added to the sneaky social deduction game.

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New tasks include taking out bins and shining pretty gems, nothing too amazing - you wouldn't want to be distracted by one thing for too long anyways. You'll be able to travel around the Airship by climbing ladders, and hopping onto floating platforms too.

After a meeting to assess who might be an imposter, players will be able to choose from three rooms to spawn in on the Airship too, rather than just leaving straight from the meeting room.

Fans have been waiting a little while now to hear when the Airship would arrive. In a blog post, the devs explain one of the main reasons it's taken so long is because they wanted to use this update to add a basic account system into Among Us. The game doesn't have any proper moderation tools, but when the map update hits, players will be able to report others and hopefully get rid of some of the toxic beans.

They add that the unexpected boom in popularity of Among Us in 2020 brought loads of problems that the five-person dev team were "extremely new to". They talk about their struggles with the game's maintenance, hiring and the sheer amount of business stuff they had to do - which seems scarier than a roomful of imposters.

"We never want to hide anything from you when you’ve shown us so much support," Innersloth say. "So when this map finally launches... we really hope you love it, and we’ll continue doing our best for you!"

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