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Among Us will have you murdering your pals on The Airship next year

With thrilling new tasks such as wiggling a bag out of a bin

Innersloth gave us all a first proper look at their upcoming Among Us map, The Airship, at The Game Awards last night. Get ready to murder your pals on a big red plane, complete with ladders and floating platforms on which to make your escape. It's no spaceship or abandoned research station, but I still wouldn't wanna be trapped on it with some killer spacemen. It's arriving early next year, bringing new skins and tasks too.

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Themed around Innersloth's Henry Stickmin series, The Airship is the fourth map for Among Us, and will be slightly bigger than the Polus map (the one where you're outside in the snow).

One of the cooler parts of The Airship is that after a meeting to assess who might be an impostor, players can choose from three rooms to spawn in. This seems like it might make life a little harder for innocent crewmates, because they won't be able to group up as easily.

Some of the thrilling new tasks include wiggling a very full bag out of a bin and shining a pretty gem. Then rather than simply running (or venting) around to get to your tasks (or victims), ladders and hovering platforms are dotted about to zip you from place to place.

The Airship comes to Among Us early 2021. Keep an eye on the game's Twitter for more info, as they seem to be teasing even more new stuff as well.

And while we're here, Among Us won two awards at The Game Awards last night - Best Multiplayer Game and Best Mobile Game. A pretty good show for a two-year-old game made by a tiny team.

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