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Anno 1800 will make it easier to find and download mods with official support


The Anno series has never had official mod support, but that hasn't stopped its community from producing hundreds of mods for Anno 1800 since its release in 2019. Ubisoft have seemingly noticed. They're now partnering with to add official mod support to the game.

This is just the four-year-old Anno 1800 'accolades' trailer and contains no footage of mods.Watch on YouTube

Currently if you want to download Anno 1800 mods, your best bet is to head to Nexus Mods to find something to download. You'll probably need the community-made mod loader, too. It's enough of a barrier of entry to likely put off most players.

"Our goal is to make it significantly easier for our players to customize their Anno 1800 experience with mods, while providing visibility for the creations of our modders directly in the game," says Ubisoft's Charles Harribey in a brief conversation on the blog. The details of what mod support entails aren't much more descriptive than that, but if it means not having to download files from Github, it'll be an improvement.

Anno 1800, if you don't know, is an industrial age citybuilder with a strong focus on supply chains and trade routes. Nate liked it in his Anno 1800 review. Mods typically add new buildings, units, make quality-of-life tweaks, or alter the balance of its various systems.

The next couple of months should prove fruitful for modding communites in general, with the looming releases of both Starfield and Cities: Skylines 2. I'm looking forward to the decade-long project to recreate Morrowind in the former, Morrowfield, and to the mods that both remove and amplify Chirper in Cities: Skylines 2.

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