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Anno 1800's Sunken Treasure DLC introduces a familiar fella, Old Nate

But is he our Nate?!

"Rumors spread among your crew about a hermit living on an isle of wonders, a shabby-looking scavenger and inventor who prefers the company of his own automatons," Ubisoft say to introduce the new Anno 1800 mini-expansion. "But don't let the cock-and-bull stories of your crew fool you; Old Nate may just be a genius— a genius who is willing to share his ground-breaking inventions with all comers, so long as the price is right..."

And yeah yeah the DLC sounds neat with sunken treasure to dive for and all that, but first I must know: is this our Nate, our shabby-looking eccentric who keeps pet crabs and speaks cryptically about experiencing an "old-timey diving suit mishap"?

Sunken Treasures is the DLC's name, and finding 'em is its game. The DLC kicks off on a new storyline to find the missing queen, and that eventually leads us in search of watery glories, which requires the help of Old Nate. I can only assume his conversational gambit with Her Majesty is to tell her about his "Bird Hole".

Diving isn't just limited to that new story, mind, with its bells and booty becoming part and parcel of colonising the new world.

The expansion also brings a honking great new island type said to be "three times as large as the biggest islands of the main game" for the retro megacity of your colonial dreams. Along with that, expect hauls of new looted artefacts and animals for museums and zoos, new items, and other newness detailed in Ubi's blog post about Sunken Treasure.

They don't say it's our Nate but the character's familiar enough that he seems bewildered by the whole thing. And he had plenty of praise for the colonial build-o-trader in his Anno 1800 review even before he knew he was in it.

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Sunken Treasure is out now as the first part of the game's Season Pass, which will later cover DLCs adding botanical gardens and an Arctic expedition.

You can get the Pass for £21/€25/$25 on the Epic Games Store and Steam. While Ubi only sell the game on Epic right now, players who pre-ordered on Steam before the switch can get the DLC there. The Steam release should be up by 5pm today. Ubi have said they'll sell the DLCs separately as well as in the pass, but I don't see this up yet either.

Do also check out the Update 4 patch notes for other newness which arrived today free for all players. You'll find performance improvements, an option to zoom your camera way way out, balance changes, bug fixes, and more.

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