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Anthem Cautious Cooperation mission - how to deal with the Shaper relic

Brin has another mission for you. This time around it is to bring back online some beacons that have been inactive for a while. Doing so will bring some bad news about the local Scars, so this guide will go over all the relevant intel for the mission, before things get worse.

Anthem Cautious Cooperation guide

In order to complete the missions in Anthem, you'll need all the intel for all of your Javelins, as well as the stuff that's not as well explained in the game. Head on over to our Anthem guide hub for various guides on the ins and outs of the game. You can also head back to the Anthem Missions hub to find the mission you are looking for..

This one is a nice short mission that won't take a lot of time to complete. Your first objective is to reach the first beacon and turn it on. Activate the beacon and wait for it to get a signal. It will direct you to a Scar camp that will be infested with all kinds of Scar, including the deadly scouts at Elite rank. Take them out first before turning your attention to any of the others. If you have a Storm on your team, they should focus on whittling down the number of Scrappers to make things easier for the rest of the team.

The second beacon is a short hop away from the camp, so head there once all the Scar are terminated. Wait for the beacon to activate and it will direct you to the third and final beacon. This one is a north-east of the Eastern Reach. Fly on over to the last beacon and activate it. As the final beacon activates, Brin will inform you that there are some previously undetected Scars in the area and requests that you deal with them.

A Shaper relic about to go berserk.

Fly to the next area on the HUD, which is a fair distance away. This massive camp has a Shaper relic inside of it and it's about to go volatile. Kill all the Scar in the area before finding the four fragments in the area. Air Elementals will emerge from the Shaper relic, which can be more than a nuisance. Eliminate them should you come across them as they will make things harder by electrocuting you. Once you have finished gathering the fragments and have delivered them to the relic, eliminate the rest of the Scar in the area and tag the relic to finish the mission.

Just a reminder that you can always head back to the Anthem Missions hub to find the mission you are looking for or head back to the previous main story mission: Anthem Incursion. This next bit is... well... tedious. You'll need to find the secrets in our Anthem Tomb of the Legionnaires guide.

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