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Anthem Lighting A Fire mission: How to easily find Embers for Prospero

Anthem's Fort Tarsis has quite the number of people to talk to, but only one wants to unleash the decorative potential of your Javelin. All he needs you to do first is to find three Embers, any Embers really, and bring them to him. This guide will tell you just how to do that.

Anthem Lighting a Fire guide

In order to complete the missions in Anthem, you'll need all the intel for all of your Javelins, as well as the stuff that's not as well explained in the game. Head on over to our Anthem guide hub for various guides on the ins and outs of the game. You can also head back to the Anthem Missions hub to find the mission you are looking for, or get intel on the previous mission: Anthem Lost Arcanist

Standing next to a Mineral vein, which contains an Ember.

Given the last couple of missions have been somewhat on the lengthy side, this "Freeplay" mission is surprisingly short. All you need to do is explore the area and find any deposits that contain materials. You'll have a higher chance of finding them if you enter Freeplay mode in the Hard difficulty setting. To do this, go to your Javelin, select "Mission", and click the icon close to Fort Tarsis to select Freeplay. Then go to the next option down to select your difficulty and set it to hard. Note that Grandmaster Level 1 to Level 3 are locked at this point.

Once you've spawned into the Freeplay world, head down to the river and begin harvesting materials. Look to the river banks for the greatest concentration of them. You only need to obtain three to complete the mission. As soon as you have all three that you need, go into the map screen and hold down the button indicated by the option at the bottom of the screen that says "End Freeplay Session". You'll then be taken to a results screen that totals up what you've done. Skip through the rewards and press the corresponding button that says "Fort Tarsis". Walk back to Prospero to hand over the Embers.

The Crafting materials shop screen. Epic Ember is currently selected.

Anthem Crafting will be unlocked from this point onwards. In addition, Prospero will have some crafting materials open to you to buy. Over time, more merchants that are in the vicinity will be selling materials. You're free to upgrade your Javelin however you wish, though I would highly recommend that you make some more up-to-date gear for your Javelin. Since crafting will always get you stuff of your current level, there's no excuse. If you need some more materials fast, head to the Vault to scrap old stuff quickly.

Just a reminder that you can always head back to the Anthem Missions hub to find the mission you are looking for, or get intel on the previous mission: Anthem Lost Arcanist. Once you've made your Javelin as good as it can possibly be, you'll see an indicator to speak to Tassyn. She has another job for you: Anthem Incursion, in which you must find a Regulator that the Corvus has lost contact with.

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