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Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy is heading to PC in early 2024

Includes Dual Destinies and Spirit Of Justice

Three more Ace Attorney games are heading to PC. During this evening's Capcom Showcase, they announced the Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy, including 2007's Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney, 2013's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Dual Destinies and 2016's Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Spirit Of Justice. It'll arrive early 2024 and there's a trailer below.

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The trilogy of games are the fourth, fifth and sixth in the main Phoenix Wright series, and offer a similar mix of visual novel and puzzle gaming as their predecessors. The key difference is the introduction of a new series protagonist, Apollo Justice, an up-and-coming lawyer to whom Phoenix Wright is a mentor in Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Dual Destinies and Spirit Of Justice feature both as protagonists, while mostly returning the focus to Wright.

In recent years, Capcom have brought the original trilogy of Phoenix Wright games to PC, along with historical spin-off The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles and its sequel. The second trilogy being ported across means the entire main series will be playable on PC, leaving behind only the spin-off Ace Attorney Investigations and its sequel, and a Professor Layton crossover.

It's perhaps worth noting that series creator Shu Takumi wrote Apollo Justice, but then wasn't involved in Spirit Of Justice or Dual Destinies. He was off making Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, which is getting its own PC remaster later this month.

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney Trilogy will launch on PC via Steam in early 2024.

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