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Ass Creed Odyssey's first DLC is out, offers some standard stabbing

Secret stabber

"I'm trying to find reasons for why this DLC is of note" says vidbod Matthew in his and Katharine's look at Assassin's Creed Odyssey's first DLC, "but orange leaves obviously isn't one of them". I beg to differ. Legacy Of The First Blade's first episode of three is out, and takes place in autumnal Makedonia - an area that we've already galloped around for a couple of hours. Fans of iconic 'shing' noises and inventive stabbing mechanisms might be excited to meet Darius, the first assassin to cobble together a hidden blade.

You're going after some of the Persian baddies from Ass Creed Origins - or they're going after you - so it's sort of like a bridge between the two games. Murder gadgets aside, though, it doesn't sound like the DLC goes anywhere particularly interesting.

Looks like standard Ass to me. Crouching in trees, crouching in shadows, stabbin' important people. Some natter about fate.

This is a ridiculous thing to say about a game I've spent 80 hours in, but that actually sounds ok. I'm glad there's a reason to return to Odyssey's beautiful forests, though I might wait until all the episodes are out and I've got more to chew on than the three missions lurking in the first episode.

It looked like typical assassin fare to Katharine, too, who's actually played it.

"I'm trying to find one of Natakas's contacts here, who was apparently lost in the wetlands. For some reason she's being guarded by some bears." Yep. Standard Ass.

Legacy Of The Blade is available on Steam for £21/$25/€25, or as part of the season pass for £34/$40/€40. You'll need the base game to play it.

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