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Assassin's Creed Odyssey retires to sunny Atlantis for its final DLC today

It's time to wave goodbye.

Once more unto the beach, dear friends, though returning to Assassin's Creed Odyssey is usually a cheery experience, last episode's detour to Hades aside. Judgement Of Atlantis is the third and final part of the Fate Of Atlantis arc, and likely the the last ever DLC chapter to the open-world hack n' slasher. Out now, it finally lets players rise out of the Greek afterlife and into the sci-fi high life. Poseidon, king of the Isu, has appointed Kassandra (or Alexios) as his right hand badass and set them loose to clean up Atlantis. That probably means stabbing. Below, an infotacular trailer.

This three-part expansion being called The Fate Of Atlantis, in lieu of any bullwhip-cracking archaeologists, it's not hard to see things ain't so great for the First Civilization. There's wild inequality, with greedy Isu rulers treating the human underclass as expendable. If the trailer is any indication, they've also got a bit of a werewolf problem, and a few horrible mutants living in the sewers with too many limbs. So, about what you expect for for a supposedly-utopian society. On the plus side, you do at least get to stab these problems with laser-edged techno-swords, which look fancy.

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Outside of the main story, this expansion contains another handful of new superpowers to unlock and swap out older powers for. Of the new powers, I love the look of Kronos' Punishment, as it's basically the shadow-assassination move from Middle: Earth Shadow Of War, sending a short-lived clone of yourself to do a stealth kill at range. There's also a trio of special Isu weapons (mace, spear and dagger), each of which comes in three variants. It seems that they want players to leave Atlantis feeling like a demigod, and there's yet more free Lost Tales Of Greece to come.

The Judgement Of Atlantis is out now, and requires you to be at least level 28 and have completed the previous two DLC episodes to access it. The Fate Of Atlantis is complete now, and part of Odyssey’s £34/€40/$40 season pass, or £21/€25/$25 separately. You can read a little bit more about today's DLC on the Ubi blog here, or see the full patch notes here.

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