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Assassin's Creed Odyssey adds user-made quests today, historical tours in autumn

Learn history, or rewrite it?

The enormous Assassin's Creed Odyssey is now endless, as Ubisoft just rolled out a free quest editor and sharing site. The Story Creator Mode lets you build multi-quest story arcs from scratch, complete with branching dialogues and objectives, then share them with the world across all platforms. At their E3 pre-show, Ubisoft also unveiled the final part of the Odyssey puzzle; another Discovery Tour mode, letting you take a non-violent, narrated trip through Greece, now with historical quizzes. The Discovery Tour is out in autumn, but the Story Creator is out now, with a trailer below.

The Story Creator is a surprisingly straightforward and professional-looking browser-based tool, offering game-logic flowcharts and a clean interface for creating dialogues. As well as setting character's expressions and poses during dialogue, you can even have them address Kassandra and Alexios differently. Once you get in-game, there's a bundle of debug tools to help you hash out the specifics of your quest, including switching characters, making yourself invulnerable, or becoming invisible to NPCs to make sure things don't break when the player isn't looking. I'm excited to see what people can make with it.

Watch on YouTube

And here's a video tutorial on the basics of the editor. For anything more specific, see the full PDF manual here.

Watch on YouTube

The other big thing coming is the Discovery Tour mode, similar to the one for Assassin's Creed Origins. Guided educational tours of various parts of historical Greek life, edutainment style. As with Origins, it'll be available as a free update for owners of Odyssey, but also as a standalone game for parents worried that their kids might be murdering Medusa instead of learning history. They are adding one big new feature to this Discovery Tour - multiple choice quizzes at the end of each tour, administered by characters that you met during the main story, fully voiced and mostly in-character.

All of this, and there's still one more expansion to come as part of Odyssey's season pass. You can access the story creator via the top bar of the official Odyssey page here. At the time of writing, people are struggling to log in, but that will likely clear up soon. You can find user-made stories here, and must log into your Ubisoft account on the site to add them to your in-game quest log.

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