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Bamf! - Warframe's (Surprisingly Clever) Class Powers

What, Shakespeare was once to paraphrased to have asked, is in a [Warframe]? It's a question that's stumped scholars for hundreds of years, but - with the upcoming release of Digital Extremes' probably coincidentally titled Warframe - we have a pretty good shot at finding out. For now, though, we'll have to settle for a few tantalizing morsels of information that, well, actually have me quite interested in finding out more. So far, I've seen nothing to suggest that Warframe will reinvent the wheel, but Dishonored-esque figure-out-tricks-the-developers-hadn't-even-thought-of antics might just give it some legs. Wheel legs.

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Looks sort Mass Effect multiplayer-y, right? Admittedly, however, space ninjas feature a little more prominently here - as do quite a wide range of powers. I mean, between these two classes, we saw invisibility, decoys, some kind of telekinetic trash compactor crush, bubbles that make baddies shoot themselves, Force pulls, and of course, super neat switcheroo teleportation.

That last one's easily my favorite - especially in light of how excited the Digital Extremes folks were that people have already brain-teleported circles around them in discovering new ways to normal-teleport. Putting your own decoy miles away and then switching with it, for instance, seems like a clever way to get around the power's limitations. That, however, also seems like only the beginning, if you ask me. What if, for instance, I leaped off a ledge, targeted an enemy, and then switched said bulbous-shouldered menace right into an infinite abyss/lava pit/parallel dimension where he has to relive the awkward moment when he meets his significant other's parents for the first time for all eternity? And let's not forget that there'll be other players in the mix as well. The super-powered possibilities, then, seem quite vast.

So yes, I'm quite keen on watching where Warframe goes. Even if its name really is the silliest thing.

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