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Battlefield 2042 wingsuit: how to use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042

Learn how to use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042

Want to know how to use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042? One of the best parts in Battlefield 2042's reveal trailer was watching soldiers whizz through the air with winguits as a whopping tornado chewed up the scenery. With Battlefield 2042 finally here, you might want to run towards the nearest mountaintop, building ledge, or some other high vantage point, and immediately jump off to use the wingsuit. However, you might discover that you just have a boring parachute instead, which is much less fun. That's because the wingsuit is locked to Sundance, one of the specialists in Battlefield 2042.

Fortunately, we're here to explain how to use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042, so that you can gracefully glide through the air like you always wanted. We'll explain everything you need to know, including how to activate the wingsuit and whether you take fall damage when you land.

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How to use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042

To use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042, you need to play as Sundance. She is one of the first specialists available, so you won't need to wait around to unlock her, unlike Mackay and his Grappling Hook.

When playing as Sundance, all you need to do is jump into the open air, so you'll need to gain some altitude. Climb the nearest mountain, ride the nearest elevator, or take a helicopter from spawn. When you've gained some height, leap out to start free falling. You should see a button prompt in the middle of your screen which lets you use the wingsuit. The camera perspective will then change to third person as you watch Sundance majestically glide through the air.

How to land with the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042

The wingsuit is a handy way to travel between objectives at breakneck speed, but you might panic when you get close. As the camera shakes and you watch the wingsuit ripple from the sheer speed at which you're travelling, it's completely understandable if you expect some fatal fall damage. However, it seems that you can't take fall damage while using the wingsuit, making it much easier to land than you might think. When you've reached your destination, simply dip down towards the ground. When you make impact, you should do a little roll and then be ready to go.

Do storms affect the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042?

As we mentioned above, the Battlefield 2042 reveal trailer showcased soldiers being ferociously pulled into tornadoes. As they leapt out of their vehicle to escape the destruction, one soldier opened a wingsuit and seemed to get thrown around by the tornado, before being spat out the other side. Our own Ed Thorn witnessed the game-changing storms in a preview earlier this year and they seem to be equally brutal in the full game, as tornadoes will swallow up everything in their path. If you are using a wingsuit or parachute, you can get pulled into the tornado and thrown out, which might send you to completely different parts of the map.

If you do get caught in the tornado, the edges of your screen will go red, showing that you are taking a bit of damage. You can easily die if you get sucked further into the tornado, but you shouldn't take much damage if you are just being pulled around the edge. If you want to escape the tornado, close your wingsuit or cut your parachute and try to pull yourself out by falling away from the centre. Eventually, you should leave the tornado and start falling towards the ground like normal. You can get pulled back in very easily, so don't activate your parachute or wingsuit again until you're near the ground.

That covers how to use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042. If you're about to jump into some multiplayer, check out our tips and tricks to prime yourself before facing off against enemies. If you want to know what we thought about Battlefield 2042, check out Ed's review.

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