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Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks: a beginner's guide to dominating in Battlefield 2042

Dominate in Conquest, Breakthrough, and Hazard Zone with these Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks

Want some Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks? Battlefield 2042 shakes up the formula substantially. While it may look similar to past Battlefield titles, dynamic weather, specialists, and the huge 128-player matches ensure that there is plenty to learn, even for Battlefield pros. Fortunately, we're here to help. These Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks will help you navigate the storm and rack up kills in Conquest, Breakthrough, and Hazard Zone.

You'll need to learn these tips and tricks to succeed in Battlefield 2042 at launch, but that isn't the end. There are multiple content drops planned over the coming year, with the first season scheduled to launch in early 2022. Check out everything you need to know about the Battle Pass to learn more and prepare for the upcoming season.

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Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks:

Boris in the specialist menu in Battlefield 2042

Choose the best specialist for your playstyle

Battlefield no longer has classes. Instead of playing as the Medic, Assault, Engineer, or Recon, you now pick a Specialist. You can still choose loadouts, which are named after the classic classes, but the system functions very differently to previous titles. In Battlefield 2042, basic gadgets aren't restricted to a specific class. Everyone can equip a repair tool, rocket launcher, or medkit. More importantly, everyone can revive squad members in Battlefield 2042. You don't need to equip a certain gadget or anything else. Simply run up to a dying ally and interact to revive them.

However, Specialists do have unique abilities and gadgets which you should consider before spawning in. For example, Mackay has a Grappling Hook that he can use to access new vantage points and quickly scale buildings. Likewise, Falck has a Syrette Pistol that allows her to heal allies at range. As shown off in trailers, Sundance gains access to a Wingsuit which you can use instead of a parachute. These abilities are the core of each Specialist, so make sure you think about the best Specialist for your playstyle.

Warful action in a Battlefield 2042 screenshot.

Embrace the freedom

Now that Specialists have replaced the traditional class system, Battlefield 2042 has much more freedom than previous entries. Want to blend a support playstyle with anti-vehicle weaponry? Play as Falck and equip a rocket launcher as your gadget to get the best of both worlds. If you like to push objectives, use Mackay's Grappling Hook to sling yourself to a high vantage point and throw down an Insertion Beacon so that your squad can spawn nearby. If you don't like the parachute, you can play as Sundance and use the wingsuit.

Certain Specialist/gadget combos allow for creative offensive opportunities that might not have been previously possible in the Battlefield franchise. For example, Irish (who returns from Battlefield 4's campaign) can throw down deployable shields as his unique ability. When paired with C4 explosives, this allows you to blast open new entrances into contested buildings and quickly place down cover to avoid enemy fire.

There are plenty of combos to discover in Battlefield 2042, with each one blurring the lines between the distinguished classes from previous entries. Whether you're a fan of Battlefield's new Specialist system or not, embracing the chaos it creates is the best way to succeed in Battlefield 2042.

The weapon attachment menu in Battlefield 2042.

Adapt with attachments

If you spawn on a contested objective in Conquest, you might need attachments that make your gun snappier, so that you fire faster and can quickly swivel between enemies and rip through their defense. However, those attachments might not serve you well when travelling towards the next objective, as enemies might be further away.

Battlefield has always been about choosing a playstyle and playing that role to perfection. However, Battlefield 2042 continues to bring a sledgehammer to that formula, and the ability to change attachments on the fly is a key part of the new system. When you spawn, you can take multiple scopes, barrels, grips, and ammo types onto the battlefield, as you can see in our PBX-45 loadout. As the situation changes, you can swap out attachments, making it easier than ever to adapt to new challenges. If enemies are suddenly further away, use a scope with a higher zoom and an extended barrel to make your gun better-suited to long-range encounters. If you've yet to settle on a weapon, check out our list of the best guns in Battlefield 2042.

Warful action in a Battlefield 2042 screenshot.

Watch the weather

Our Ed thought Battlefield 2042's weather system was game-changing when he tried it out in a preview before launch. Now that the full game is here, we couldn't agree more. The dynamic weather system introduced in the latest Battlefield creates huge tornadoes, heavy storms, and impenetrable sandstorms that massively impact how you play.

However, if you focus and pay attention, you can use these weather effects to your advantage. When a sandstorm whips up, use it to sneak into an enemy objective unseen and claim a building. It'll make Snipers useless, so you won't get shot on the approach, and you can lay waste to the enemy team once you're inside. Adapting your tactics when the weather changes will surprise your enemies and could tip the scales in your favour.

Drone marking enemies whilst flying above an objective in Battlefield 2042. Heavy rain surrounds the drone. HUD display shows that enemy have captured a sector.

Use vehicles and drones to level up faster

Battlefield 2042 has plenty of weapons to try out, and whilst the early unlocks are good, some of the best weapons are locked until you reach a higher level. However, leveling up in Battlefield 2042 can take a while.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to level up faster in Battlefield 2042. As always, sharing vehicles with allies should earn you lots of extra XP, as you get assists for any kills earned by someone in the vehicle. This is especially useful if you are in a chopper or tank that has a turret. Simply drive into an objective and let your teammates rip enemies to pieces with your mounted turrets.

You can also earn lots of assist XP by using a certain Specialist. Casper has a unique Recon Drone gadget that you can use to mark enemies. When allies kill enemies marked by your drone, it counts as an assist. If you use the Drone in a busy objective, you can mark enemies for your allies and rake in ridiculous amounts of XP, helping you level up extremely quickly and making it easier for your teammates to push objectives. You can also use the Drone's EMP shot to disable enemy vehicles, which could net you some easy kills and even more XP by destroying jets and helicopters.

Warful action in a Battlefield 2042 screenshot.

Play the objective

I wish this could go without saying, but it really needs to be mentioned. Play the objective, folks. The best way to win in Battlefield 2042 is simply playing the objective, and it's something that everyone should keep in mind. You want to succeed, but you can't do that by just hunting down enemies to kill.

Instead, you need to constantly think about the objective. Capturing zones, destroying enemy vehicles, marking enemies, and resupplying allies all provide lots of XP, and will also ensure that your team can keep pushing forward. This is the key to success in Battlefield 2042, so make it your primary focus in every match. Since Battlefield 2042 doesn't currently have an in-game voice chat system, we think this is a crucial tip that everyone should hear before jumping into multiplayer, since you won't have a teammate barking at you to push forward through your headset.

That covers our tips and tricks for Battlefield 2042. If you want to know what we think of Battlefield's latest, check out Ed's review. Otherwise, take these tips and head out onto the Battlefield. Good luck, and try not to die.

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