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Best PBX-45 loadout and class setup in Battlefield 2042

Discover the best PBX-45 loadout in Battlefield 2042

Looking for the best PBX-45 loadout in Battlefield 2042? The PBX-45 is the first SMG that you unlock in Battlefield 2042, so you might be surprised to learn that it is also one of the best guns in the game right now. With laser accuracy and a fast time-to-kill, the PBX-45 can shred through groups of enemies at close-range. If you want to dominate when taking objectives and wipe entire squads with a single magazine, then the PBX-45 is your gun.

This guide will cover how to make the best PBX-45 loadout and class setup in Battlefield 2042, including info on the best attachments, secondary weapon, and equipment to use. We'll also explain which character you should pair with the PBX-45 if you want to net lots of kills.

As Battlefield 2042 has just launched, we expect the meta to shift drastically over the coming weeks. We'll update this guide regularly to reflect any tweaks made to the PBX-45 and add any additional info needed about this weapon.

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Best PBX-45 class in Battlefield 2042

The PBX-45 is a brilliant short-range weapon, with a high handling speed and fire rate that will rip apart enemy teams. However, Battlefield 2042 has some extremely large maps, and you won't always have the benefit of engaging at short-range. With this loadout, we'll improve the recoil control of the PBX-45 so that you can land shots easily at short-medium range. We'll also make the PBX-45 more versatile, so that you can use the attachments that best-suit your current situation.

  • Sight: Fusion Holo/UH-1 Smart 1.5x Sight
  • Magazine: Close Combat/Extended Magazine
  • Underbarrel: BCG Light Grip
  • Barrel: Tactical Compensator
The PBX-45 SMG pictured in the Battlefield 2042 loadout screen.

In Battlefield 2042, the new attachment system allows you to swap between attachments on the fly. This means you can switch parts as the situation around you changes, helping you adapt to Battlefield's often-hectic military sandbox. With that in mind, we've selected multiple sights and magazines for this loadout which will make the PBX-45 efficient at both short and medium range.

The Fusion Holo sight and Close Combat magazine are optimal for close-range encounters. The Fusion Holo's 1.25x zoom helps you pick out targets and get snappy headshots without affecting your handling speed. The Close Combat magazine slightly lowers the effective range of the PBX, so switch to this before entering buildings. While the range does dip, this magazine improves recoil control, fire rate, and reload speed, further improving the PBX's close-quarters effectiveness.

The BCG Light Grip increases the accuracy while moving with the PBX-45. Battlefield 2042 is an energetic game, as you'll constantly sweep through buildings to clear enemy squads and move towards objectives. With the Light Grip attached, you can engage enemies while moving to cover or pushing up to capture zones. The Tactical Compensator improves horizontal recoil control, ensuring that you can land your shots and dominate over enemy squads. This applies to both moving and static combat, making the PBX-45 more efficient generally at medium-range.

Secondary Weapon

With the above attachments, you can see that the PBX-45 is much more versatile, capable at short-medium range. However, it is still an SMG, so damage is lower than some other weapons. With that in mind, we recommend equipping the M44 Magnum as your secondary weapon. The M44 packs a serious punch, with extremely high firepower and accuracy making it the perfect partner for the PBX-45. Use the PBX when engaging in hectic combat encounters, and then switch to the M44 when you want to place your shots and aim for the head.

The C5 explosive shown in the Battlefield 2042 loadout screen.

Best PBX-45 Gadget and Throwable

When using the PBX-45, we recommend equipping the C5 Explosive and Prox Sensor. The C5 Explosive is one of the most versatile gadgets in Battlefield 2042 and we think it deserves a spot in every loadout. Whether you're leading the assault on an objective, or you're face-to-face with an enemy vehicle, the C5 will allow you to surprise the enemy and blow a hole in their defense, literally.

The Prox Sensor is a useful intel-gathering throwable that you can use while assaulting and defending objectives. It emits a pulse that scans for and highlights enemies on your minimap, so that you can pre-fire when approaching corners and win more fights with enemies.

Sundance stood holding an SMG in the specialist selection menu. Text on the left describes her abilities.

Best PBX-45 Character

The best specialist to use with the PBX-45 is Sundance. Her unique gadget, the Grenade Belt, makes Sundance an excellent attacker who pairs excellently with the PBX-45's fast-paced playstyle. The Grenade Belt contains 3 different grenade types that recharge over time, giving you constant access to anti-personnel and anti-armor weaponry that will make you a stronger attacker.

A well-placed scatter grenade will send enemy squads into a frenzy, giving you the chance to unleash your PBX-45, land the first shots, and ultimately gain the upper hand when facing multiple opponents. The EMP Field and Anti-Armor grenades allow you to also remain competitive when faced with jeeps, tanks, and even helicopters, helping you stay alive between objectives.

That's everything you need to know to make the best PBX-45 loadout. Once you've built your loadout, check out our Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks to prime you for multiplayer. If you prefer fighting from the air, take a look at our guides on how to fly jets and how to use the wingsuit in Battlefield 2042.

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