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Battlefield 2042 battle pass: everything we know about the Battlefield 2042 battle pass

Learn more about the Battlefield 2042 post-launch plans, including when you can expect the first Battle Pass

Looking for info on the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass? Like many popular FPS titles these days, Battlefield 2042 will have a battle pass including regular cosmetic rewards that you earn while you play, along with other new content to enjoy. Now that the full game has launched, many are looking ahead to what they can expect from these post-launch content updates. We were pretty interested too, so we’ve scoured through Dice's many blog posts to find all the details and collated them here in one lovely guide.

As always, things are subject to change and there’s plenty that we still want to learn about Battlefield 2042’s post-launch plans, so expect this guide to receive frequent updates as we discover more about upcoming seasons, including the release dates for each Battle Pass. For now, we'll offer a full breakdown of what kinds of content you can expect with each season.

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Everything we know about the Battlefield 2042 battle pass

Regardless of player reviews, Dice clearly have big plans for the latest entry in their blockbuster franchise, as they will be supporting it for years to come, as mentioned in their Launch Briefing.

For now though, their sights are firmly set on Year 1 content. Within the first year, Dice have shared that they plan to deliver four seasons of content. Each season will come with both a free and paid Battle Pass, a new Specialist, new locations, and more. Of course, we expect new weapons to also play a large role in these post-launch content drops, even though they haven't been explicitly mentioned by Dice. They also shared that we will see new Portal content with each season, although the extent of new options that we will receive is currently unknown. We'd love to see some more classic maps return from older titles, such as Operation Locker and Damavand Peak, which is a personal favourite.

When is the Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass release date?

Unfortunately, we don't know when the first Battlefield 2042 Battle Pass will release. Dice previously shared that we can expect more details early next year, so it seems likely that Season 1 will launch in Spring 2022. Seasons will last roughly 3 months, so we should get a better picture of how the year will break up when Season 1 details are revealed. However, there will be some preseason content to engage with in the meantime, such as weekly missions and some time-limited modes. As these start dropping into Battlefield 2042, we'll let you know.

Of course, Dice aren't just sitting around and twiddling their thumbs until next year. Since launch, players have voiced countless concerns with Battlefield 2042, and Dice have promised updates and patches to fix some of the larger issues. Our own Ed has written a quick rundown of everything you can expect with these planned patches, including tweaks to maps, vehicles, and various guns.

That's everything we currently know about post-launch content coming to Battlefield 2042. If you're currently playing and want to get better, check out our Battlefield 2042 tips and tricks. You should also make sure you have the best guns and best loadout in Battlefield 2042, so that you can laser enemies in any situation. If you'd rather fight from above, take a look at our guides on how to fly jets and helicopters.

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