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Battlefield 2042's latest update removes rooftop objectives and reduces recoil

Audio has also improved across the board

The Great Battlefield 2042 Fix continues, with the final promised patch of this year having gone live today. While it’s not as hefty as previous updates, it’s still full of tweaks. And that’s good, because this game could use them. Expect your bullets to find their targets a bit better, various audio improvements, and rooftop objective removals from the Breakthrough mode.

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Update 3.1 is live now and is the fourth and final Battlefield 2042 update of the year. Unlike the last couple of patches, this one isn’t quite so rammed with major fixes and tweaks. However, it’s still home to improvements and changes that should make the field of battle a smidge smoother. Think of it as a final sweep of the broom, just ignoring the many other rooms that need a tidy.

One change that’s going to make a lot of players happy is the removal of rooftop capture objectives from Breakthrough maps Kaleidoscope, Orbital, and Hourglass. Instead, they’ve been shifted to the bottom of these buildings. This should mean attackers have far more options to press the advantage. Before, you’d just enter a funnel of death as defenders looked down, swatted you away, then yawned.

Audio has been improved across the board too, with “clarity, distance, and directional perception” all getting a nice boost. Again, a nice tweak which should make locating enemies that bit easier. I’ve found footstep audio to be a bit hit and miss, so I’m hoping the pitter patter of a nearby enemy will actually be accurate now.

Elsewhere, weapon recoil has been adjusted, especially for automatic weapons. And submachine guns have improved hip-fire accuracy now to help them better standout from their beefier counterparts. Bundled in with both of these things: better hit registration. So there should be fewer moments where your bullets seemingly disappear into the void when aiming right at someone. I’ve also been actively put off using automatic weapons thanks to their insane kick. Here’s hoping they’re a bit calmer now.

Finally, they’ve fixed the issue where loadouts would sometimes be empty on the spawn screen after joining a server. It’s not happened to me much, but when it does, hoo boy am I miffed.

So that’s our lot for Battlefield 2042 updates this year, but we can expect more in the new year. Dice say their teams "will take a break towards the end of this month and return in the new year with fresh eyes ready to go on the road to Season One." Slowly and steadily the game is recovering then, but does anyone remember when updates weren't just fixes? Anyone?

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