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Battlefield 2042's scoreboard won't show scores until March

I guess they're trying something new

Earlier this week, Dice announced that they were delaying Battlefield 2042's first season in order to focus on "extensive fixes to the game." One of those fixes were changes to the game's scoreboard due in late February, but today the development team announced those had slipped into early March instead.

"Our next Update after todays Hotfix will now roll out in early March. This is a change from our last messaging to you all on it's intended release," said a tweet. "The extra time will help to ensure we improve the quality of our Updates, and include additional changes."

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Dice initially announced the intended release date and showed off the scoreboard changes back in January. Those changes include: making the scoreboard actually show scores. A bold choice.

Other sweeping changes are incoming to the ailing FPS, including better player profiles, map layout changes and voice comms. The lack or inadequacy of some of these features are why Ed wrote in his Battlefield 2042 review that the game "doesn't seem ready yet."

While the introduction of larger changes has been pushed back to March, Dice have been patching the game to fix bugs. The news of this release date delay came alongside news of new hotfix deployed today to "address areas of game instability that we've noticed after the release of Update #3.2," said another tweet.

As I said last time, it's nice that Dice remain committed to improving the game, but it sounds like a big job. Particularly when you look at the downward pressure of those 70% of Steam reviews which are negative.

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