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Battlefield 3 Premium, Then...

So yes, Battlefield 3 Premium is a thing. It costs $50, and for that you get early access to all five expansion packs - Armoured Kill, Aftermath, and End Game are appearing between now and March 2013 - as well as "exclusive in-game items", exclusive events, and a lot of other stuff - double XP events and "tactics? And does all that add up to a new game's worth of stuff? EA certainly seem to think so. Because I think I'd want a new game for that much cash. But perhaps I'm wrong, perhaps this is an essential purchase for the Battlefield 3 legions? Those expansions are certainly promising a lot of stuff - weapons, 20 maps, new vehicles and so on... Are you going to buy it? To the commentmobile!

(Oh, and there's a glitzy trailer below.)

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