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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Video Blows. Up. Everything.

When buildings are collapsing and jets are being all "newwwwwwwrhghghghggh", it's easy to forget that the Battlefield 3 engine does small things as well. Subtle explosions. Personal blowey-uppies. I'd imagine that's the reason for DICE making the Close Quarters map pack: to show off their microexplosion technology. They spent hours crafting those mini-bangs, so maps that showcase them are needed: the Close Quarters maps are a series of four infantry focused maps set in, with added destructible bits. It makes me way happier than the ten new guns it adds as all I care about is the chandeliers.

This video shows off Ziba Tower's smashy bits, a Skybar where death is aiming at you from all angles. DICE are calling all the debris "HD Destruction", so what better way to see it than in a tiny box in the middle of this article.

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It's out in June.

Via VG247

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