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Battlefield V starts Firestorm battle royale on March 25

Nice little trailer too, this

What happens if you fall into a burning ring of fire? It's a given that you'll fall down, down, down while the flames climb higher and that doubtless burns, burns, burns. What many don't expect is that you'll then lark about on a big red tractor with your pals and blast other firefools to pieces with some serious artillery. That's how it'll go in Firestorm, the battle royale mode coming to Battlefield V - on March 25th, EA confirmed today. You can see this antics and banter in a neat-o new trailer which also answers the question "What if Talking Heads had replaced bassist Tina Weymouth with Battlefield bwomps?"

A tutorial video which apparently leaked last week explained much more about how Firestorm plays, but all I need to know is: yes, load the lads into the bantsmobile for some right monkeyshines. I like when battle royale games and modes, especially 'realistic'-looking ones, acknowledged they're fundamentally about shouting "OI OIIIII!" while crashing a tractor.

Firestorm will launch with 64-player rumbles in solo and four-player squads modes, with a duos mode to follow in April. EA are vague about what else they plan to add after Firestorm's launch, muttering about "new features and improvements" on its page. Stuff.

Choon, tho.

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