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Greedo, Jabba's Palace & A New Mode For Battlefront

And Nien Nunb too

I haven't been back to Star Wars Battlefront [official site] since release, which is partly because it left me a little cold after I'd grown accustomed to the lovely, dad-pleasing graphics and partly because the nostalgia bubble I'd spent a couple of months in burst after finally seeing The Force Awakens. (It was Quite Good But). If they ever introduce a playable Jawa mode, I will be back faster than Han Solo telling porkies about the Kessel Run. Utini, babies. This seems sadly unlikely; for now, EA/DICE seem focused on more maps and, though beloved, C-list characters that no-one in their right mind would call Heroes.

The new Outer Rim DLC also adds a new mode named Extraction. I feel a great disturbance in the Force, as if thousands of online shooters already had modes named Extraction and can't we have more exciting titles instead please?

Extraction mode involves the terrorists known as Rebels carrying shipments to a ship preparing for planetary evacuation; interplanetary peace-keepers The Galactic Empire strive to stop them from escaping with these resources and using them to rain down further hell upon the galaxy.

Your two new maps involve Jabba's Palace on Tattooine, which admittedly does tempt me back, and the factories of Sullust. Sullust: the Planet Of Meh. Hell, I'd even rather play on bloody Naboo.

Your new heroes at jowly micro-Rebel Nien Nunb and Greedo, he of Shot First Then George Lucas Suddenly Got Worried That Parents Wouldn't Buy Han Solo Action Figures For Their Kids fame. I know everyone knows Greedo and his regular switching between inept wannabe murderer and innocent victim, but he's in Star Wars for about nine seconds and proves himself to absolutely cocking useless in that time. Hero? Let alone one for the Empire?

We don't have Lando, Chewie, Tarkin or an Imperial Guard yet - how are we on Nien Nunb and Greedo already? Wake me when Ackbar's in there, traps and all.

Here's yer trailer:

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Star Wars Battlefront: Outer Rim
(missus) is due for release in March, which means some time in the next dozen days. It comes as part of the season pass; I don't have a price for its individual purchase (if there is one) yet.

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