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Battlerite Introduces Cheeky Champion Ezmo Tomorrow

Tickle me Ezmo

The creators of arena brawler Battlerite [official site] are not content with adding two spooky champions just before Halloween, and so have revealed another champion that’ll be added in a patch tomorrow. What can this boyo do? Well, he can teleport a short distance, summon debilitating chains and read fire at you from a big book. His name is Ezmo The Mischievous and he can be seen in this preview trailer. He’s not from around these parts.

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"Ezmo was once imprisoned by the warlock,” say Stunlock Studios, and then some other lore. “When he isn't playing tricks on people, Ezmo is searching for a way back to his home dimension.” Aren’t we all, Ezmo. Aren’t we all.

On the gamey side of things, it looks like he falls neatly into the ranged category of Battlerite champion, a character who can deal damage with his orange spells and then high-tail it through a wall when the going gets tough. He’s expected to be added to the roster tomorrow, in a patch that will also bring “new types of chests, champion updates and general improvements.”

Only a few weeks ago the last patch introduced the grabby, shadowy Ruh Kaan, and the hunter and firey archer Jumong. Matt quite liked the to and fro of conflict in our Battlerite review, so it will be interesting to those of you who share his optimism what this wee man will bring to the fight. I'm going with 'irritation'.

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