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Big Hands I Know You're The One: TESO's 1st Person Cam

We've got acres of Elder Scrolls Online coverage due to hit you in the face (n.b. this is an analogy for 'reading words on a screen' - RPS solemnly pledges not to hit any of its readers in the face) later today and tomorrow, as Nathan's just got back from playing it, but lest it be drowned out by wordsplosion, it's worth stating THE BIG LOUD NOISY HEADLINE on its own too. Which is that Bethesda have reinstated an Elder Scrolls-traditional first-person mode into their MMO. The internet got pretty internetty when the game was initially revealed to be lacking this TES mainstay, but now it's back in there, visible hands and all.

Exactly what that does to a game based around a very different sort of roleplaying to its singleplayer predecessors is something we'll find out in time, I suppose, although Nathan will be along very soon to share some hands-on thoughts. Not hands-on-with-hands, alas, as the new mode has so far only been shown in videos rather than being made available to the journos who recently played the game, but hell, it's in there, we'll get to see our weapons sticking out from the bottom of our screens, and that sounds jolly good. Let's give it a big hand.

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