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This Black Friday discount on the Samsung Odyssey G9 is almost as massive as the monitor


Black Friday is a time of excess, kicking off a season of even more excess. In that spirit, I’ve been thinking about buying four more of my current monitor and lashing them together into a makeshift array using rope fashioned from my corgi’s shed hair. There’s no way that I could achieve such an impressive display in any other way, certainly not with a single monitor. At least that’s what I thought, until hardware ed James reminded me that the humongous Samsung Odyssey G9 exists.

Just look at this beast, honestly. That’s 49 inches of curved, ultrawide VA panel being beamed directly at your face holes. With a 5120x1440 resolution running at 240Hz, it’s going to take some serious graphical horsepower to get the most of this ludicrous display. As you can imagine, this hefty screen comes with an equally hefty price tag, but this is also the time of hefty discounts and as such you can save £280 on this monstrous monitor.

RPS chief Katharine reviewed it earlier this year and had mixed feelings, but did say that the deep curve is wonderful for games. If you are considering this titanic screen, you may also be interested in the 35 best PC games to play on an ultrawide monitor. I kinda want to check out Abzu on an ultrawide, what about you?

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