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Black Myth: Wukong gets August 2024 release date

But allegations still unaddressed

Key art from Black Myth Wukong showing the main character holding a sword
Image credit: Game Science

Black Myth: Wukong, the visually striking Soulslike based on Journey To The West, now has a release date: August 20th, 2024. It also has a new trailer, which continues to showcase its odd, stunning character design.

Cover image for YouTube videoBlack Myth: Wukong Release Date Trailer | Confront Destiny on August 20, 2024 - English Dub
Black Myth: Wukong's release date trailer.

Unfortunately the release date comes just weeks after a lengthy report by IGN into numerous sexist comments made by the founders of Chinese development studio Game Science. Game Science have not responded to those reports.

"Why is there always suffering and why do the bad folks always win?" asks a child in the trailer above. "Because goodness without teeth punishes not," comes the reply. Fitting, perhaps.

I'm unlikely to play a third-person action game about well-timed parries anyway, because my tired old bones can't abide them, but I do still like the look of Wukong's man-headed birds, lantern-headed men, big cats and bigger beetles. I'm generally glad to see fantasy games that aren't inspired by western fantasy tropes. Hopefully Game Science respond to the allegations before the release date comes around.

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