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Black Myth: Wukong still has gorgeous rat-fighting in its second trailer

The art direction in this game is something else

It's lovely when a single vidoe of a game no one has heard of from a company no one has heard of makes the internet pay attention all at once. That's what happened with Black Myth: Wukong last year. It's a Soulslike retelling of Chinese fantasy epic Journey To The West, and seems to feature many beautiful and dramatic fights in which you, a monkey, beat up anthropomorphic rats.

Now there's a new trailer to prove it.

I'm not a player of Souls or its like, so I'm into this purely for the art direction. Big, tentacled towers being circled by swarms of crows; haunting shrines filled with carved, wooden statues; rats in their underwear. It also looks like a technological marvel, with hardly a blade of grass or top knot on a rat's head that isn't shimmying in the wind.

Plus, what's this thing with the eyes.

Ah, a nightmare.

The rest of the trailer shows some natty combat between the protagonist and a two-headed rat, and it's the kind of third-person, dodging/blocking/stabbing fight that I hoped you'd imagine from the "Soulslike" mention in the first paragraph.

Black Myth: Wukong has no release date currently, and its official site looks to only be in Chinese. You can read about Ed's love of the game's rats though, or watch the 13-minute gameplay video from last year below:

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