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Black Myth: Wukong's latest trailer shows no combat but is still gorgeous

Are you with the groom or the giant spider?

All of Black Myth: Wukong's trailers so far have looked stunning, but each one has focused on horrible monsters and combat with horrible monsters. Today's new trailer takes a different tact. It's a six minute-long cutscene in which some sisters discuss their mothers impending marriage, but it's no less beautiful to look at.

Plus, if you stick to the very end, you'll still get to see a new horrible monster.

Cover image for YouTube videoBlack Myth: Wukong 6 Minutes In-game Cutscene

That's a very large spider.

Black Myth: Wukong is inspired by 16th-century Chinese novel Journey To The West, and is being developed by Chinese game developer Game Science. Those roots give its world and character design a fresh flavour, like the hanging lanterns yelling "Celebrate!" over and over in the video above. But it's also the rare game in 2022 that still impresses on pure graphical fidelity.

It seems unlikely you'll have time to admire that fidelity while playing. Black Myth: Wukong is a third-person action game, in which you'll be dodge-rolling, dashing and timing melee attacks against enemies several times larger than you. The most obvious modern touchpoint is Dark Souls, though there's a lot that's not yet obvious about how the game is structured so that comparison might prove fairly shallow.

If you want more of a sense of what combat is like, you can watch previous trailers featuring a giant wolf, a giant rat, and a giant snowy dragon. You can also find a few details and plenty of screenshots at its official site.

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