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Black Myth: Wukong devs announce its release window with a fun stop-motion trailer

Coming summer 2024, in the year of the dragon

It’s not every day you see a developer announce their game’s release window by showing a stop-motion bunny building a new PC to play it, but that’s exactly what the team behind upcoming soulslike Black Myth: Wukong have done. A new short film themed around Chinese New Year that's been shared by devs Game Science Studio sees a young lagomorphic enthusiast scuppered by their out of date computer, and also shows a wee bit of Black Myth: Wukong in action too. You can watch the l’il rabbit growing increasingly frustrated below.

Black Myth: Wukong doesn't involve stop-motion rabbits building PCs, but I kind of wish it did now.

Y’see, there was a red flag at the very start when the long-eared lad tried to install Black Myth but he was clearly running Windows XP. I might be being silly and have missed some other obvious hints, but it wasn’t clear he was living in the glorious past until the very end. Anyway, it’s a fun way to reveal the release date of what looks like an interesting take on the soulslike genre. We do get a glimpse of Black Myth in action in the film, when the main character of Monkey is battling a big tiger person.

Taking its inspiration from the Chinese legend of Monkey and the famous Ming dynasty tale based on it, Journey To The West, Black Myth: Wukong is a third-person action RPG that lets you inhabit the simian hero on their mythological quest. The game was first shown back in 2020 and is in development at Game Science, a company set up by former Tencent devs. Our Ed was quite taken back then by Black Myth’s concept art of some proper gruesome-looking anthropomorphic giant rats. Lovely.

Black Myth: Wukong should be arriving on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series consoles sometime during summer 2024.

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